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Opinion: Our long, cold winter is already here

 56  16  15

Delta Air Lines launches effort to improve contact tracing on international flights

 62  7  14

Analysis: How one GOP winner rolled Democrats in the Midwest

 66  13  13

Opinion: A climate catastrophe is upon us. Biden can still make a difference.

 201  41  35

Perspective: This couple hit their stride after years of hard work. Then covid-19 hit them.

 83  8  28

A dollar can’t buy you a cup of coffee but that’s what NASA intends to pay for some moon rocks

 91  19  24

Opinion: Telling fact from fiction at the end of the Trump era

 158  61  36

Opinion: It might not be so simple for Trump to pardon his children and Giuliani

 424  111  92

Opinion: Republicans, it isn’t too late to stand up for the nation

 833  209  124

Analysis: Trump’s biggest remaining challenge — if he’s up to it

 75  52  15

D.C. slaughterhouse denied historic designation that would have blocked halfway house

 99  13  22

Opinion: What four California ballot initiatives reveal about race relations in the U.S.

 51  18  11

Analysis: Tyreek Hill once thought Patrick Mahomes was "trash." Now they’re the NFL’s deadliest duo.

 73  12  11

Shepard Smith was a big catch for CNBC. But the viewers haven’t followed him from Fox.

 376  187  37

Supreme Court sides with California church protesting coronavirus restrictions

 157  186  37

Vaccines offer hope for end to pandemic, but brutal months lie ahead

 199  27  52

How athletes built a voter-turnout machine, for 2020 and beyond

 900  32  79

With hospitals slammed by covid-19, doctors and nurses plead for action by governors

 453  53  132

Dan Le Batard, ESPN’s irreverent show host, is leaving the network

 140  60  26

Biden taps Murthy as nation’s top doctor, offers Fauci key role as covid team takes shape

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