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Veronica Baughman (She/Her)

Criminology student at the University of Florida.

Graduated Magna Cum Laude from Seminole State College.

Apopka, FL

Joined on 23 June, 2017

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Connor is making his long awaited return next week on #GoodTrouble I wonder why he is there... πŸ€”

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I sure hope Evan isn't going to do what I think he's going to do and steal Mariana's idea. That would ruin everything I like about him. #GoodTrouble

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This season is so powerful!!! #GoodTrouble

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Has @DavidDobrik ever sincerely apologise apologized for his past actions? No, he hasn't. I'm a very loyal fan of his and I don't want to see him "cancelled", but I'm getting really tired of him not responding when people call him out for his shit.

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Omg! I knew it. Callie and Gael didn't sleep together. Disregard my previous tweet. #GoodTrouble

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Callie has come so far! #GoodTrouble

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Omg everyone celebrating Callie!!! I love it ❀️ #GoodTrouble

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Omg the uptight budget lady from S9 of Grey's Anatomy is smoking weed on #GoodTrouble

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Damn I was so ready for a smack down #GoodTrouble

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Isabella is the actual worst #GoodTrouble

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I'm so damn excited! #GoodTrouble

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Today I told this kid that they are making another jurassic world movie (I honestly thought she'd already know) and she got so excited. It made my day.

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The best part of #toalltheboysalwaysandforever was definitely LJ and Gen's friendship.

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Didn't @jamescharles gain a deeper appreciation for a woman's body and the strength it takes to go through pregnancy? I didn't see the video, I'm not even a fan of his. But I don't think he was being insensitive. Y'all need to chill.

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Thinking of #GoodTrouble, does Raj really think Isabella gives a shit about him? Does he honestly think breaking it off with Mariana will lead him to a happier relationship with someone who seems mentally unstable? I mean I ship Mariana and Evan ❀️ But Raj is a fool.

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I miss John Mulaney

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Trump took this woman's life. I may not have agreed with her and her politics if she was still alive, but she did not deserve to die fighting for this worthless man. #ConvictTrump #TrumpIsGuilty #ImpeachmentTrial2

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Today, I saw a video of a woman being shot and killed during the #CapitolRiots. What is so tragic is that she had to die because she was deluded into thinking her act of domestic terrorism was patriotic.

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Trump was dog whistling his supporters to lynch Pence, while the vp was running for his life. How much more clearer should we be? #TrumpIsGuilty #ClearAndPresentDanger

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