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It's been a busy year!

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Are they vetting troops who voted for President Trump? Or maybe got caught wearing a MAGA hat?

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So Alec Baldwin wants to lynch President Trump. Baldwin is still on Twitter.

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Quoted @MarkDice

“Attempted coup”

I’d say the U.S. Capitol Police have some explaining to do.

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Exactly how are the National Guard troops being vetted? Are they checking voting records? Rooting out conservatives, pro-Trump troops?

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Quoted @Jamie_Whitten12

@JackPosobiec True statement. I just spoke with a member of my former guard unit and they were ALL “vetted” for pro-Trump rhetoric.

What the....

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The Republican Party will be debating the following question: Do they embrace President Trump's winning agenda or do they embrace the Mitt Romney/John McCain agenda?

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Thank you, Mr. President for delivering on your promise to defend the unborn. Your policies saved countless lives.

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Will @NancyMace renounce the endorsement she received from President Trump?

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A massive majority of Republican voters say Trump won the election, not Biden. - per CNN poll.

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Freshman Republican Congresswoman @NancyMace was thrilled to receive President Trump's endorsement. She got elected because of that endorsement. And then she promptly betrayed the president. Do not trust this lawmaker.

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According to Pelosi, in America only a certain demographic of people are allowed to march in the streets and protest. Law abiding tax payers are told to shut up, stay in their homes and pay for the damage caused by the rampaging hordes.

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The Emir Caner Show via @FacebookWatch @Mighty990KWAM

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Quoted @Breaking911

BREAKING: Biden to cancel Keystone XL pipeline permit on first day in office - CBC

CORRECTION: Establishment Republicans, Never Trumpers and Woke Evangelicals canceled Keystone XL pipeline permit.

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Four years ago today the Mainstream Media was already colluding with Democrats to undo the 2016 presidential results. #NeverForget

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In less than a week Republicans went from putting their political careers on the line by defending American voters to saying, "Voter fraud? What voter fraud?"

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BREAKING NEWS FROM CNN: Biden and Harris release their music playlist for Inauguration Day.

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Replying to @Breaking911: WANTED: FBI releases photos of suspects in attack on DC police officer during Capitol riot

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WANTED: FBI releases photos of suspects in attack on DC police officer during Capitol riot

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CNN is actively campaigning to have conservative television networks like Newsmax and OANN shut down. They also want to shut down Fox News.

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