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There will be a vaccine for the coronavirus eventually, but there is no cure for what Trump has done to our society, no inoculation from the disinformation he spreads, and no way to bring back the lives he’s already cost us.

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"Trump’s anti-science sociopathy has been embraced by so many other political actors. His messaging, his attitude, his culture-war-mongering have filtered down throughout our country, to our national shame." — @ElieNYC

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The GOP used birtherism to delegitimize the first Black president. Now Republicans are casting Black and brown citizens as illegitimate voters to invalidate the Biden presidency.

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A good leader would have tried to persuade people to protect themselves from the virus. A great leader would have inspired the nation to make sacrifices for others. Instead, we have Trump, and he has led us into this hell of sickness and death.

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For the Plowshares 7, nuclear weapons are not just a sword of Damocles hanging over humanity. They kill every day, by stealing resources from the poor, reinforcing white supremacy, contaminating the land.

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He called it a hoax (it wasn’t); he said it would magically go away (it didn’t); he told people to inject bleach (don’t); he mocked people for wearing masks (wear a mask); he said only older people die from the virus and children are immune (false).

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He ended his failed reelection campaign by barnstorming around the country holding superspreader events that are thought to have caused 30,000 infections and 700 deaths.

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Diane Cook centers her stories around moral conundrums—ones that question how we might act in times of true desperation.

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Just as Bush had the ability to bail out Wall Street in 2008 without waiting on the Senate and Trump could has pump money into the stock market without waiting on Congress, Biden has a path to rebuild and upgrade the entire American economy.

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Now that the “Resistance” has won, it’s not clear how the center will hold. There isn’t really a “Biden coalition” to speak of.

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You don't want to miss this episode! @MHarrisPerry and @DorianWarren talk to @MaryKayHenry, @liztheo and more, to lay out the path to a poverty-free America.

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“I am doing twice as much work as I’ve ever done in my whole life, because I’m on Zoom with one student while simultaneously supporting a student in class. And the fatigue and everything else that comes with that is so real.”

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Poverty is a crime, and we know how to end it.

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Some voters were so alienated by Trump that they shifted significantly toward the Democratic Party after 2016. But they could end up shifting back to the GOP were the party to put someone more “respectable” on the ballot.

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It takes power—the collective power of workers joining together with communities—to redesign the system of bad, poverty-level jobs into good jobs.

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Snap Judgments

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Abolishing poverty is a moral imperative—but it also makes good policy sense, leading to stronger organizing possibilities for all working Americans.

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Replying to @NicholsUprising: Wear a damn mask! Socially distance! Stay safe!

Shop ⁦@thenation⁩ store on #BlackFriday2020: …

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Wear a damn mask! Socially distance! Stay safe!

Shop ⁦@thenation⁩ store on #BlackFriday2020:

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Joe Biden claims to share the Ploughshares 7's Catholic faith. It would take but a penstroke to pardon them and show that he also understands its moral implications.

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Across the country, tenants are finding that the eviction moratorium is riddled with loopholes and ineffectively enforced.

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