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In new normal times,a hybrid walk

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29th LIVE Interaction & Book Reading with Children | Every Friday

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Secretary Welfare, Uday Kumar
re-Strategises his PM Housing Scheme to make it happen.
In the One on One meeting today.
To hand hold the beneficiaries identified to build their own homes aided by subsidy from the GOI. @BhallaAjay26 @AshwaniKumar_92 @PMOIndia

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Jai Dhari Maa πŸ™
Narrated and contributed by @SainaBharucha also for @DemonstrativeLE

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Good #MorningNutrition.
Can choose dailyβ€”To be in Heaven or Hell?
Snippet made from Webinar with @XLRIJamshedpur by @ishaarorafly

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Also suggested to the MBA students to study the key leadership skills which were & are in practice by our leadership, in GOI ,all combined, in dealing with severest crisis we faced by COVID-19. It’s live case study.

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UHF. Mantra given to MBA students today in webinar. Learn to handle uncertainty, prioritise health over wealth and value family and friends. (UHF)

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Management students should be taught about how COVID was handled in India: Dr Kiran Bedi via @xpress_edex @XLRIJamshedpur @XLRI_PGDM_GM

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Creative Leadership - Collaborative Governance.
Thursday | 21.1.2021 | 6pm

XLRI Jamshedpur | Talk Series-2021


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Senior Officers of Puducherry Adm on their way to Arunachal on transfer orders.
They came to say goodbye.
In the grp are Sudhakar,Jayant Ray, Pankaj Jha, Somaya & Shaswat. They did a great job individually & collectively.
We are grateful to them. @BhallaAjay26 @AshwaniKumar_92

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Jai Dhari Maa. πŸ™
Contributed and narrated by @SainaBharucha also for @DemonstrativeLE

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Good #MorningNutrition
If it is not right do not do it; if it is not true do not say it.
Marcus Aurelius

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Jai Dhari Maa πŸ™
Shared by @SainaBharucha also for @DemonstrativeLE

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With Reverence πŸ™πŸ˜‡

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Today at 5.30 PM.

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One on One review with Director Education, Rudra Goud. He has put in place communicative and interactive systems in place.
Also feedback systems to open up the department to students, parents, teachers and other stake holders. Also a book for students on history of Puducherry..

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Jai Dhari Maa. πŸ™
Narrated by @SainaBharucha also for @DemonstrativeLE

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