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My thoughts go out to Yiran’s family, he was senselessly killed in Chicago, the #NRABankruptcy gives me hope that maybe we can do something about #GunControl in #America

How will our universities continue to attract the best talent in the world if we can’t keep them safe?

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Quoted @mariocavolo

Let me make this crystal clear to the world.

#CCP party members are NO DIFFERENT THAN #Republican or #Democrat party members as regular human beings with families, jobs, careers, responsibilities in a free open society. The ones I know are involved in charities, are doctors...

Good thread by @mariocavolo...there are over 90 million members of #China communist party, I personally know several members, many who are regular businessmen who joined the party, again 1 in 20 Chinese people are party members, more common than most people think

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My latest #YouTube video is live! Where is #JackMa? While some people are speculating that #China wants to take down $BABA and #AntGroup, or that Jack Ma is in prison. If you understand #Chinese culture, the answer is quite simple. Full video below 👇👇👇

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Well written letter from #MikePence I think the #Democrats main objective is to block #Trump in 2024 Presidential Election...I too am praying for #America, I’m praying for no violence in DC and a smooth transition for #PresidentElectBiden

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Just watched @DanielDumbrill latest #YouTube of the best videos I've seen in a while. Sad to see how lost #American politicians and our foreign policy has become.

"Reflection on American Foreign Policy Arrogance & Hypocrisy"

#China #USA

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Let's talk about #Chinese stocks.....which stock from #China do you think will grow the most in 2021? $NIO run has been incredible, $PDD is changing the game, $BABA very undervalued, $JD one of my favorites for years still long runway, speculative play $IDEX? What do you think?

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He wrote this book to help more people in #America understand that #China is an excellent partner & the future of our world is better with partnering with China. Thank you again Terry! I can't wait to dive into this book and hear more about your stories! #BetterTogether (2/2)

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Author Terry Wittenmyer sent me his book "Fearing China". Terry found my #YouTube channel last year and told me the story of how he was inspired to write this book because he traveled to #China on business and began to find #USA media reporting to be so inaccurate (1/2)

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(2/3) But the investigation should also be carried out in other countries, especially in the US, where the virus has been identified with multiple types, to achieve more accurate results," #China #COVID19

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Thread (1/3) Yang Zhanqiu, deputy director of the pathogen biology department at Wuhan University on the #WHO visit to #Wuhan to study the origin of #COVID19

"It is okay for WHO experts to come to Wuhan as we also want to know where the virus came from and what the source was.

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(3/3) All the noise that tries to divert public attention will not cover up the truth that other countries potentially had COVID-19 outbreaks earlier than Wuhan, and investigations should be carried out there as soon as possible, Yang said.

#COVID19 #China #USA

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Quoted @SecPompeo

Looking forward to my upcoming travel on January 13-14 to Brussels, to reaffirm the deep and enduring partnership between the U.S. and Belgium.

So happy that #SecretaryPompeo trip to Europe has been canceled. With only 8 days left we don't need him to represent #America overseas anymore. Our reputation as a nation has taken a massive hit with his arrogance, I look forward to a new chapter beginning on January 20th. #USA

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Replying to @PandemicTruther: China and Singapore have done the same thing to keep out the virus.

Look at how NYT reports differently on these two…

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My latest newsletter is out! In this publication I share my thoughts on #Trump and his #Twitter ban, while also sharing some insights into #JackMa and if #jackmamissing, please subscribe to my newsletter for more insights into #China and #America 👇👇👇

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China and Singapore have done the same thing to keep out the virus.

Look at how NYT reports differently on these two countries.

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Didn’t think it was possible, but I was wrong...somehow #America banning #Trump is China’s fault 🤦🏻‍♂️ when is #USA going to start looking in the mirror instead of blaming #China for every problem they have? 🤔 Did I miss something? Was it China or America who banned Trump?

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My latest #YouTube video is now live! I'm taking you behind the scenes of my #China #TEDx talk! What an honor to give a speech about a country I am so passionate about! 2021 is a year of building bridges and new relationships. Full video link below 👇👇👇

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Curious to see what people think about #DonaldTrump being banned from #Twitter, many people think it had to be done to protect security of #America but was this a clear violation of #FreeSpeech? 🤔

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Replying to @Tom_Fowdy: China isn't inciting insurrection against the United states.

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Quoted @anderscorr

If @Twitter doesn't shut down China's state accounts, we can justly call it hypocritical.

China isn't inciting insurrection against the United states.

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Last week I was invited to @thompsonriversu to give a keynote speech entitled “Why the World Needs China”...excited to launch this new #Youtube video to help more people understand #China full speech and video below 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 #中国 #中文

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