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Our new EP 'Hey, We're Just Like You' is out NOW! https://t.co/5he5chaWfS

Vancouver, British Columbia

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I posted my first TikTok and challenged Sara to do the same before the end of the day. I have called Sara, text her, and emailed her, but so far she has not responded to my challenge.

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Baby T&S

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Replying to @JoeBiden: Direct cash payments.
Extended unemployment.
Rent relief.
Food assistance.
Aid to small businesses.
Keeping essential front…

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I don’t know if we will ever post our first Tiktok. Why? I can’t stop watching videos of dogs growing up over their first two years. So many video montages. I’m...shook.

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My partner is vacuuming at 10:03 PM. And that’s why we are together after 5 1/2 years.

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Direct cash payments.
Extended unemployment.
Rent relief.
Food assistance.
Aid to small businesses.
Keeping essential frontline workers on the job.

Those are the key elements of my American Rescue Plan.

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Lesbian TIKTOK just got a teeny bit gayer.

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Watch @teganandsara discuss their memoir "High School" which is a coming-of-age story of a young Tegan and Sara growing up in the nineties grappling with their identity, sexuality, and the uncertainty of emerging adulthood

We had a wonderful chat about our memoir High School recently with @talksatgoogle We got deep into a lot of stuff that you might enjoy! Check it out!!!

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Today was big. An impeachment happened (hell yeah) and we joined TikTok but also.... WE FINALLY MET @DrewBarrymore YOU GUYS (virtual world counts) !!! Check out our chat on the @DrewBarrymoreTV here:

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We had the distinct pleasure of chatting virtually with @DrewBarrymore about High School, Hair, @teganandsarafdn , and not sweating the small stuff! 
Watch it on @DrewBarrymoreTV right now!!!!!

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Could be the impeachment news(fuck yeah) or the fact that the sun came out for the first time in what feels like a month but… I just downloaded TikTok. Follow us to find out if we ever actually use it.

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🍑 🍑

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What scares me is that I don’t smell the wet dog living with me anymore. Which doesn’t mean she doesn’t smell like a wet dog. It just means i am used to it.

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Exhausted. Anyone else?

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.@teganandsara list their favourite Baroness sketches!

Watch them all now on @cbcgem.

One of our favorite shows forever and ever is and will always be @BaronessShow and you can watch every episode now which is very exciting. I might do that tonight because the rain in Vancouver has washed away my joy and I need a laugh. 😑

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We’re going to be chatting with the SUPER lovely @DrewBarrymore on @DrewBarrymoreTV tomorrow! Be sure to watch!

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Sara is obsessed with tik tok. She talks about it constantly. Her favorite content is "husky's crying" + "food preparation." She remains steadfast we shouldn't join, but wishes more people would use our music. I have absolutely no idea what that means but I said I'd tweet it.

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I really LOVE @Bandcamp and now it’s official!! THEY LOVE ME TOO!
Come peep this high key exclusive live stream performance Jan 21st on my bandcamp page! Tell all your booking agent, record label and artist management friends.

Massive fan of @WitchProphet and the incredible work of @HeartLakeRecord Highly recommend all our supporters and industry friends to tune in! Support artists via @Bandcamp and even though I know many of us are virtual show'd out, this one will be one NOT to miss! ❤️

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designed by @absinthefather !

Another virtual tour by an artist you don't want to miss! @oceanator last record is so great. Get tickets! Support artists! They need it big time right now!

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