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biden bombs syria?

think of world trade?

usa places order with china/india?

china/india ships, pays the toll, & receives meat in return in those containers? #coronavirus?

usa use to fill those containers with their trash?

brics is a new way to trade? quick & easy?

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biden bombs syria?

ship through suez canal toll fee must be paid?

usa will fight if you don't pay?

how much is enough?

egypt? buying a piece of land in italy? uniting the kingdom?

capitalist usa colonial system? feed top until nothing is left?

reaching into space?


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biden bombs syria?

mass produced ppe's from india/china?

reached south africa within days?

it took a full year for usa to receive their ppe shipment around south africa?

brics is reaching west africa to brazil?

then into usa joining brics?

ship through suez canal toll war?

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biden bombs syria?

if you ever wonder about brics?

the countries that usa destroys with war? they looking towards brics to help them rebuild?

china trying to pull people out of poverty?

south africa wanting to rebuild out of colonialism?

usa still stuck in capital colonial?

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biden bombs syria?

if usa goes to war with brics?

i wouldn't test brics?

brics held strong 2020 during world pandemic? even with the black sheep?

usa will have to join brics at some point?

the world has changed? moved on? yet usa holds onto old plans? how old is biden?

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biden bombs syria?

2021 chip shortage?

they stopping car production over chip shortages?

big deal?

usa goes around to other countries to sell apple products & boeing planes?

boeing did 100 planes last year?
737 max grounded?
recent 777 grounded planes?

now apple 2 s. korea?

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biden bombs syria?

if biden goes to war?

all access to chips are cut off?

people want those amd chips? huawei going to pay for it? sharing tsmc main capacity?

apple/intel/nvidia to samsung south korea?

through north korea onto brics for fast delivery?

no toll? no meat?

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biden bombs syria?

why does biden's team party hate trump?

cause trump spent 4 years not in wars? trying to remove troops?

going & meeting world leaders?

why trump north korea?

apple/intel/nvidia out of tsmc into samsung south korea? transported through north korea/brics?

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biden bombs syria?

when there is a big war? world war 3? usa/uk vs brics/world?

what about communication? twitter? xbox live? youtube?

pewdiepie has kids suiting up for war imagery removed from youtube?

twitter with this is hacked labels?

beginning to understand the censor?

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the north korea comment was a concentration camp reference/comment? that's the imply?

it's why bts fans are angry?

hence racist?

that type of language is not liked? that language used against the jews while get you canceled quickly?

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"Trans people exist"

the human body doesn't make a person who they are?

sure the body helps? sun resistant? run? jump? hold breath under water?

look at your phone or computer? does the case make the phone or computer better? sure better water cooling?

oh? trans-fats?

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biden bombs syria?

usa with high dependence on natural gas?

coal is cheap? usa 11%?

really expensive natural gas? usa 32%?

can't frack forever?

iran has large natural gas reserves?

path to iran through syria?

brics through iran?

biden won't stop sanctions?

war soon?

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what did we say?

joe biden is looking to start world war 3 with a war with iran?

usa path to iran?

biden orders airstrike on syria? 38th day in office?

world pandemic? usa bombs another country?

god damn it?

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how in 2021 you still think it's ok to go after the bts army?

when bts came out of south america tired as fuck?

the bts fans took over? if you are aware of bts? bts army did that?

so bts could rest cause what they learnt in south america? helped bts sky-rocket

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twitter #supertweets?

#onlyfans is not about adult content?

if the payment channel is good? the adult industry jumps quickly?

onlyfans is a private pay-for social media?

if i have a following? to reduce my followers to trolls? a onlyfans option can help?

twitter competing?

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i reckon sony can push 150 million ps5 consoles?

ps5 digital? sony needs to cut that quickly? 15m & cut?

2021 chip shortage? can sony reach 100M ps5?

xbox series x - 60M max?
xbss - 25M?

xbox 360 - 85M?
xb1 - 55M?

sony can push 150M ps5? will they? demand thr?

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state of play was boring?

30 mins? get out of here?

why release games when no1 has the ps5 consoles?

2nd shipment only reaching usa now?

selling out in minutes? little stock?

2022 - gta 6 timed exclusive ps5 release? state of play in 2022? all hell 2 get a ps5?

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Lady Gaga vs Dog Robbers?
"500k Reward"

i got to ask?

the length people go for their pets?

50k to clone a pet?

500k rewards?

getting a new pet? cheaper? replacement? love memories/love?

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