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The Food and Drug Administration authorized emergency use of Johnson & Johnson’s coronavirus vaccine, adding a third option to the United States’ arsenal

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Parents across California are protesting outside district offices, circulating petitions and dialing into school board meetings with a fury never before seen in the blue state

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CPAC’s focus on China is indicative of broader, and bipartisan, alarm in Washington over Beijing’s ambitions on the global stage, as well as a sign that Republicans see some Democratic vulnerability on the topic

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.@Olivia_Beavers delivers the scoop in Huddle, our morning Capitol Hill must-read, with assists from POLITICO's deeply sourced Congress team. Subscribe to Huddle today.

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The FBI recently obtained new video of an individual spraying what appears to be a chemical irritant at more than a dozen law enforcement officers, including a Capitol Police officer who died after the storming of the Capitol

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Shady reports of ISIS-made poison gas led the U.S. to a valuable ISIS weapon-maker, who helped bring the whole operation down

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Former acting national intelligence director Ric Grenell is slated to have dinner with former President Trump to discuss his potential run for California governor, according to three people familiar with the plans

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In our latest issue of The Recast, we sat down with Cory Booker to discuss his plans for the committee, making “good trouble” and being the first vegan to serve in the Senate

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President Joe Biden called for the Senate to quickly pass his $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package, which the House approved early Saturday morning

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Richard Grenell, a top ally of former President Trump, strongly hinted at a run for California governor during his CPAC speech

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Track the appointments, policies, and emerging power centers of the Biden administration's first 100 days. Subscribe to Transition Playbook today.

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Ben Sasse is about to be censured by the Nebraska GOP for his antagonistic stance toward Donald Trump — again. But he doesn't care

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Republicans opposed to President Biden’s economic relief proposal have settled on a central line of attack: Congress shouldn’t spend more money when $1 trillion in aid allocated last year hasn't even been doled out

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Democrats are rebranding earmarks as “Community Project Funding,“ detailing a plan to tuck cash into annual spending bills that would benefit specific projects, rather than allowing agencies to decide where the money will ultimately flow

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One month in, Biden is facing the reality that building the “fair and humane” immigration system he promised on the campaign trail is a huge undertaking.

As a result, the administration is relying on controversial practices of past presidents.

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From the ongoing pandemic to the crisis in Texas, cartoonists take a look at the week in politics

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“So if that $15 minimum wage isn’t in this package, we are going to have to figure out a way to get it through. And if that means reforming the filibuster, then we should reform the filibuster," Rep. Pramila Jayapal said

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Just after former Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel finished his speech by leading the audience in chants of “freedom,” CPAC organizers took the stage to deliver a more sober message to the attendees—who appeared overwhelmingly maskless

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Chris Meagher, a top spokesman for Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, is being seriously considered to be a White House deputy press secretary

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