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. 2020 was the year we .
~* designated sleep pajamas *~
and work pajamas

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Thankful for the person who controls the “crowd” audio during football games.

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Thankful for the 1 minute commute from the bed to the desk.

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Back🏡 with the fam and can’t decide on music for everyone? We gotchu.

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Welp, that didn’t work.

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Thankful for those who keep spooky season alive year-round by staying in their Halloween costumes.

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This platform needs some positivity, so we’re here to look back on the silver linings of 2020. Let’s go!

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☺️THREAD OF 2020☺️

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Throwback gaming, timeless taste.

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Your dream @dirtgame car is waiting. Which ride is your vibe?

Get #DIRT5, out now on next & current-gen consoles 🎮.

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1500 bottles while supplies last. Ends 12/7/20.

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☑️ Burnt crusts
☑️ Too much salt
☑️ Undercooked creations

Share a pic of your baking fails with #PepsiApplePieChallenge to get Pepsi Apple Pie.

With hints of warm cinnamon, buttery crust, and fresh apple, it’s the best pie you’ll never have to bake 🥧.

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….so when do the cheesy holiday movies start? Asking for a friend.

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When your talent is limitless, you belong on the world’s largest stage. @theweeknd #PepsiHalftime #SBLV @rocnation

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We're getting down to the final four! Cast your #BIGPepsiFreestyle challenge vote and send your fave to the final round. @HOT97

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#DST can keep the extra hour, just wanna get to 2021 ASAP.

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Keep your ghosts chill and always stock the Pepsi. 

👻🕯️🎃Happy Halloween 👻🕯️🎃

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The doors burst open, and the fridge is….empty? The ghost appears next to you:

“Sorry for the theatrics. I just wanted to tell you you're out of Pepsi. Get more or I’ll haunt this house FOR REAL.”

You’re no fool
❤️  to restock the Pepsi

RT to restock the Pepsi.

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You thunk down, down the basement steps. On the damp dark floor, you see your second refrigerator rattling and shaking.

❤️ to cower in the corner, whatever’s in there can’t be good.

RT to open the fridge, what’s the worst that could happen?

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