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Replying to @FN_America: RT if you wouldn't mind finding one of these under your tree this Christmas. #FNSCAR20S

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RT if you wouldn't mind finding one of these under your tree this Christmas. #FNSCAR20S

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I hope I win this 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway from @primaryarms!

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I just entered to win a .50 BMG Barrett M82A1 Rifle w/ Leupold Mark 5 HD Scope from @ClassicFirearm! Valued At $11500! #sweepstakes #Barrett #BarrettM82A1 #WhistlinDiesel @BarrettRifles #M82A1 #gungiveaway #winagun #dreamgun #dreamrifle #rifle Enter Here -

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Quoted @Phil_Gwilliam

@RealJamesWoods Sorry James with a commander and Chief who lies, cheats, uses fear as an election weapon and race baits every time he speaks, polarising a once great country.
You can’t put this on the media pal.

People might take you more seriously if you knew the correct title is Commander in Chief and polarizing is spelt with a “z”. On second thought, no one would take you seriously.

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Stop tweeting, go up stairs and ask your mother for some more milk and cookies.

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Quoted @CFFunFunFun

@JoeBorelliNYC Really? An AIDS “joke”?

You my friend are an excellent example of what the problem is with many today. Only someone with a mental defect would somehow take offense to that AND equate it with disparaging people with AIDS. Sick. See a shrink

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We know she did 50. After that not much

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Twitter name, typo I had to correct. You’re still a butthead

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Quoted @Nyc5York

@NYPDShea A good cop. Bless him, Lynch gave your NYPD a bad name. Police Union leaders dont go to the White House.Police take an Oath to protect and serve the Community.NYPD lie in commercials for Republican candidates.That is disgusting.Police dont support political candidates

Your Twitter babe tells me all I need to know. Screw you. Leftist butt head. Trump 2020

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Quoted @BlachmanJack

@NYPDShea Wait what he tackled the perp owe my god this officer will be suspended for tackling a criminal !??

Hope the officer didn’t touch the scumbags chest or they’ll go to jail. Too bad they didn’t shoot the POS.

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Quoted @dustin1986

@Patches81569974 @DineshDSouza If Republicans didn’t want to delegitimize the court, then they shouldn’t have stolen Garland’s seat. And they shouldn’t have seated Barrett in a way that directly contradicted the standard they invented to justify seating Gorsuch. Democrats have to reciprocate at some point.

Ok bozo. They followed the Constitution. Stupid hurts, now you’re paying the price. If you fools go crazy, it ends badly for all of us. But I’m ready to stand for what I believe. It won’t be pretty

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Quoted @AlfredENewman5

@ShawnG927 @DineshDSouza 90% of Americans have no idea who you are.

90%? You’re being VERY generous. More like 99.99%

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Quoted @Boerneman

@DalJeanis @ShawnG927 @DineshDSouza Any time a cop has to open a vehicle door and pull someone out of a vehicle, it is force. No, it was not played fine by both sides. The thug should have complied with a lawful order. The lack of compliance leads to escalation. Your thought process leads to tragedy and cop blame.

Yeah, no. Opening a door to a car is not use of force or a violation of Constitutional rights. The allegedly armed, talent challenged “rapper”, should have gotten out of car willingly. He’s lucky he wasn’t dragged out through the window since this was a “man with a gun call”

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Quoted @Jherron22

@JoeBorelliNYC @NYCMayor There are very fine people on both sides.

That tiny portion of the full text of the comment to which you refer has been used ad nauseam to try and make it appear the President said something wrong. Unlike something like ”poor kids are just as smart as white kids” - Joe Biden

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Quoted @ethelik

@DtrEraser @nathan24850220 @NYPDnews Troll.
Good bye.
Michelle Obama says to go high when they go low.
If it is a minor violation, he should be punished.
You're probably one of those who said #GeorgeFloydMurder was a "minor violation".

So personal attacks are you going high? Mrs. Obama is not someone I would rely on for apolitical commentary. As far as Floyd and this incident, free speech is lot different then someone dying in police custody. Being a cop hater, I guess you don’t care.

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Quoted @hodgetwins

Retweet this if you think the Hunter Biden Laptop story needs WAY more press/coverage.

Yes it does

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Quoted @HKrassenstein

@realDonaldTrump @60Minutes He didn't say no masks. At the time he wanted to conserve all of the masks for the healthcare workers. Get your facts straight. Dr. Fauci is an American hero!

I guess this is a fake video of Fauci saying don’t wear masks.

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Quoted @nurseratched68

@kayleighmcenany @DonaldJTrumpJr Actually, the trumps are owned by China.. ivanka & daddies goods made there(MAGA hat as well)& also by Russians!

Wow, so much detail and plenty of facts to support your assertion. The left has looked at Trump & family with an electron microscope and found nothing. 7 or 8 of Biden’s close relatives have been arrested for crimes & let off, not to mention the Hunter saga still unfolding

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