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i don’t make banger tweets i make banger replies, also, i own @ranboospotify !!


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today was both a really good day and a really bad day and i can’t sleep even though the reason i can’t sleep is bc i’m sleep deprived and my brain is making shit up which the solution is to sleep but the shit my brain is making up is making it so i can’t sleep

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my criminal justice teacher dropped me from the class bc i missed two meetings in a row on accident and i have a weird bump on my lower belly that the internet says is either skin cancer or a hernia i am not doing well

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maybe i’ll make my own

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someone should make a spotify updates account for me because i want to make someone have to report that i’ve been looping bass slut for the last hour

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Replying to @ranboospotify: okok here's the introduction post! my name is Morgan, my main is @morganisasimp, i use they/them pronouns, and I'm the o…

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okok here's the introduction post! my name is Morgan, my main is @morganisasimp, i use they/them pronouns, and I'm the owner of this account! the other admins will add their introductions in the thread below :]

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today my mom tried to tell me i have back problems because i don’t exercise enough. no sara i have back pain because i’m an i cup who has bad posture

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i’m slowly losing my sanity my estimated wait time is 18 minutes my ass

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if i have to listen to another minute of stupid on hold music from the edd i’m gonna lose it

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actually thats not true i hate all of them but the nice lady i talked to three weeks ago who actually helped me with what i needed but the rest of the customer service ppl are awful and mean and dont help

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the edd can suck my dick they suck and i hate them all

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like where did nature go “ah yes let’s have them all be cranky and in pain and bleeding constantly that’ll help them survive

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// periods

periods are so weird??? and not like in the sense of we shouldn’t talk about them we absolutely should, but like where in evolution was it CONVENIENT to have half the population BLEED for a WEEK EVERY FUCKING MONTH like how is that evolutionary beneficial what

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i love when its late at night and i start researching random things on the internet because im bored and then convince myself i have like 8 different medical conditions

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right now it’s turn back time but a couple days ago i deadass listened to sugarcrash on repeat for three days straight that’s not a joke

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i have a few motivations to be a cc and one of them is to be big enough that someone makes a spotify account because i want to make someone slowly go insane having to report that i’ve been looping sugarcrash for 3 days with zero breaks

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4k mr slimecicle

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apparently the dream smp ip got leaked while a vast majority of us were just watching feral boys + ranboo that’s so funny

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#honktwtselfieday i love this man with my whole heart <3

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