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Comedian / Animator, clumsy at Twitter! Stand-up & graphics have appeared on SiriusXM, Funny or Die, CBC, PBS, and lots of basement bars.

Toronto, Ontario

Joined on 2 December, 2010

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I bought a Nintendo Switch and honestly I might not even need any games - I’m enjoying just staring at the homescreen, proud that I hooked it up myself!

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I can’t explain it, but in my mind, cheese in solid form is healthier than cheese in melted form

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If there’s one thing I’ve learned today:
We are all Bernie Sanders

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Replying to @abaquan: A sea shanty for the barbz 😂

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A sea shanty for the barbz 😂

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Love my morning routine of waking up and asking my cat not to bully me

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Why was I ever trying to hide my grey hairs? They’re literally silver, like tinsel on a tree

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Had a real whirlwind day today (dropped a house on a witch because I liked her shoes)

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Spending some time on logo design! Sprucing up the Drawn Up brand. Which one’s your fave?
#motiondesign #motiongraphics

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Ontario Government yesterday: We cannot determine the rules


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Gonna make a human-sized pierogi and just hibernate in it for a while, is that ok?

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Quoted @mondomascots

Zombear, the zombie bear from Otaru, Japan, swings his intestines around.

I just need to know if his intestines were sausage links before, or after they left his body

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Replying to @JhanelleDionne: If you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go back to celebrating the Black people (especially women!) of Georgia who helped save t…

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Quoted @PissOffTrumpkin

@akela_lacy @jaketapper And voters spoke

If you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go back to celebrating the Black people (especially women!) of Georgia who helped save the day

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What do I miss? I miss having people over, listening to records, and telling friends “Go ahead, play one!”
And then they try to figure out my record player but it’s kind of confusing so they drop the needle and it scratches real loud and we all scream “ahhhhh!”
I miss that.

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Well, a really exciting thing happened: I got to add some animations to a segment on @sesamestreet. To say it’s a dream come true would be an understatement. Thanks Lopii Prod. for hiring me on “C is for Circus”, and @SesameWorkshop, if you ever need any cartoon help, I’m here :)

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deal? deal.


am I doing this right?

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Quoted @CountVonCount

Two thousand seven hundred ninety four!

I just found out that The Count from Sesame Street has a Twitter account (ah, ah!) where he only tweets a number a day, and that just makes me so happy

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Quoted @blogTO

Toronto monolith has been vandalized less than 24hrs after being put up 🤦‍♂️-📹 dj_jonny_c #Toronto #TorontoCanada #TorontoCity #TorontoArt

Alien 1: they. have. defaced. our. structure.
Alien 2: the. humans. will. pay.
Alien 1: wait... there. is. a. happy. face.
Alien 2: they. mock. us... we. cannot. smile.
Alien 1: we. can. try.
Alien 2: ...
Alien 1: 🙂
Alien 2: ...☺️

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My favourite part of any zoom party is when I mute myself to eat chips, and then I have to over-exaggerate all of my emotions, much like a mime.
Like a chip mime!

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For everyone who’s put on a few extra pounds during the pandemic, this one’s for you!
Animation/music by myself, voiced by the incredible @megmackaycomedy

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