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"the rachel dolezal of the italians" / freelance writer available for work

Brooklyn, NY

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Quoted @NetflixFilm

the absolute best food scene in a movie. go.

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eric clapton wouldnt let a bag of cocaine fall out a window

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hey whats the difference between a bag of cocaine and a baby?

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young people with trust funds: i have an anti-capitalist hedge fund where we try to get rid of all your money as fast as possible, DM me for details

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Describe a McGovern, Carter, Carter, Mondale, Dukakis, Clinton, Clinton, Gore, Kerry, Obama, Obama, Clinton, Biden voter.

a liberal?

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ever see something so intersectional it makes you go cross eyed

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i dont really get the interest in horror movies: a lot of the things they depict are very unpleasant. i do like dracula, because he is an interesting foreign gentleman

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kicking back and eating silica packets

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calling up the internet company to try to get 'DSL'

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can you still get get dial up internet?

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@lionel_trolling Happy Thanksgiving!


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the cheese grated on fish does make me mad, not as a lib but as a pretend italian

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gonna make the traditional thanksgiving pate en croute next year

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I'm not going to waste Thanksgiving Day trying to "ratio" the guy who tweeted that Seven Samurai is "three Goddamn hours of misogyny and classism," because it's one of the most celebrated films in world history and doesn't need me to defend it, but–

did somebody really say this??? fuck

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“uhhh i’m thankful for uhhh it’s like bullshit jk i love my family jk i hate my family jl this is a difficult time” this is you

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i dunno a lot of bad posts recently guys you’re all stuck in between being really corny and super cynical and can’t commit so you’re hedging and it’s not working, but frankly neither would probably do the trick so maybe we should all just pack it in

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maybe the mass civil uprising in the spring put the fear of god a little into people who would subvert the democratic will

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Replying to @samuelbbeckett: T. Eliot is toilet spelt backwards. [09.01.37]

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sometimes i look at the city and am like man i wanna play sim city 2000 again

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T. Eliot is toilet spelt backwards. [09.01.37]

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