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Prague, formerly PDX

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Quoted @smdiehl

Stephen, why are you so critical of Facebook and not the other big tech companies?

A 🧵 for well-intentioned engineers about how to navigate the complexities of big tech.

This thread makes me proud to have never had a Facebook account. Now I have to dump WhatsApp 🙄 #DeleteFacebook

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‘A good supply of fresh air can cut the risk of covid infection by 70-80%.’
Coronavirus: Fresh air 'forgotten weapon' in fight

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I’d never heard just how dangerous drafts can be until I moved to the #CzechRepublic That explained the little old ladies closing tram windows on a stifling hot day 🙄

Drafts are a pretty good thing in covid days. But how do we convince that woman? 🤷‍♀️

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Ventilation seems to be key to avoiding #covid transmission in a closed space. But with the #Czech fear of drafts, I’m worried that it will continue to get worse here. How do we convince people to open a window?

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Quoted @webexpo

You won’t forget this Christmas gift. In 2021, you’ll learn what you need to face in the next decade in the Digital World, together with our 70 speakers and by reuniting with the #WebExpo community.

👉 Use 15% off code - merrychristmas - before Dec 28:

This is going to be a fantastic @webexpo! See you there 😊 #webexpo

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Quoted @wang_seaver

Versus New Zealand, Taiwan has experienced less than 1/2 the COVID-19 cases, and less than 1/2 the deaths.

Taiwan also gets less than 1/2 the news coverage, while having 5x the NZ population and 14x the pop density.

Taiwan is also woman-led: President Tsai Ing-Wen, PhD. (1)

Great thread!

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Quoted @vtipy

„Když příležitost neklepe na dveře, vyrobte dveře.”

Attribution is a beautiful thing 👋

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This is an important article. ⁦@MosesFarrow⁩ should be believed.

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Replying to @webexpo: This time, nothing will stop you learning the last breakthroughs in the Digital World from our 70 speakers!

#WebExpo will ru…

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This time, nothing will stop you learning the last breakthroughs in the Digital World from our 70 speakers!

#WebExpo will run hybrid, at Lucerna & online, so you can attend wherever you are.

Meet our first 30 speakers confirmed at


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Is it just me or have the US #trending topics changed lately? It’s all sports, tv shows or made up topics now. It used to be real issues people were concerned about and that had some impact on us. #twitter #2020topics

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On #WorldAIDSDay I’m thinking of my cousin Chris. He was a gorgeous man, both inside and out. I’ll always remember the champagne breakfast send-off he gave me on my departure to CZ. One of the many young men I knew who left us too soon ❤️😢

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Quoted @webexpo

Get €65 off your ticket to #WebExpo The best ticket sale of the year ends tonight at 23:59 CET. You have just a few hours left to save 30% on your conference ticket to WebExpo.

Use the code - blackfriday - at

See you at @webexpo in June! 😎

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Quoted @Cleavon_MD

🧵On my last ER shift, there were NO accepting hospitals for my ICU patients. Across Arizona, ⬆️HCW illness, ⬆️nursing ratios & ⬇️PPE. We need HELP!! This is not "living with the virus" it's dying from the virus. We need a shutdown @dougducey


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Are any of my followers interested in this topic? I’ll sell them for half the retail price. And I have many more!

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I can’t remember the last time I wore high heels.

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Quoted @awilkinson

Asking a busy person if you can hop on a call and pick their brain is like asking someone you barely know to help you move.


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Quoted @sweatystartup

Entrepreneurship culture in America is all messed up and it’s a shame.

TechCrunch. Product Hunt. Shark Tank.

It’s all about new ideas. Changing the world. Innovation. 0 to 1. Blue ocean. Venture capital and exits and scalability.


This thread! 👏👏👏

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I found your albums - they’re GOLD! @madciapka 👏

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I've lived in the Czech Republic since 1995. Want to know what I think about Czechs? Here's my TEDx talk about it :)

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