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Denise Fucking Richards💋

This is a Stan/Spam account💄 All Things Housewives❤️... I Stan Kenya Moore & Denise Richards👑

Joined on 17 November, 2020

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Quoted @BravoWWHL

What is your all-time favorite Real Housewives reunion look?

I think of these looks a lot, Garcelle s10 and Cynthia s5+6 reunion.

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Anytime I make a post with intentions to do high numbers it never happens, yet when I post the stupidest thing with putting no thought into it, it gets hella views🙄

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She brings a youthful side to auntie😭😭😭

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I really love this conversation 😩❤️❤️
Abria is so real and mature


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Emily was very toxic to Bri. I saw it especially during Dallas.


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I’ve been emotional this whole episode R.I.P Minnie love you 😩❤️


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I don’t like how they’re just assuming Abira is bothered by the twins.


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My grandmother died last year as well and she loved Minnie 😩 this is making me sad


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Chile I’m not ready for this episode omg 😩


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I’ve had my puppy for 4 days and he just used the puppy pad for the first time I’m so proud 🥺🥺🥺 we love an intelligent dog.

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Shamea vs Phaedra is so underrated 💀💀

#RHOA #Season9

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Quoted @Mr__Slide

Has there been ever been a housewife that hasn't been caught in a lie?

Y’all might drag me for this but honestly Gizelle

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Replying to @Haus_Of_Bravo: Drew: *Iconic for speaking on LaToya fucking a pastor.*

Kenya: *Messy and miserable for speaking on Porsha fucking a st…

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Quoted @verge

Twitter announces paid Super Follows to let you charge for tweets

Anybody who asks for this will be getting reported disrespectfully ❤️

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Drew: *Iconic for speaking on LaToya fucking a pastor.*

Kenya: *Messy and miserable for speaking on Porsha fucking a stripper.* #RHOA

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Quoted @AaliyahJay

She doesn’t like Porsha but was begging her to listen when she wanted to explain how she needed help. Also her other friends were downstairs as well having fun with bolo Which means SHE SNITCHING!!!

When did she ever beg Porsha to listen? She has never once asked any of them for help. Porsha had a issue with Kenya bringing her baby and not telling them. Her friends weren’t the ones fucking Bolo though 🤷🏽‍♂️

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Quoted @AaliyahJay

It’s Kenya breaking girl code then wondering why she doesn’t have a village #RHOA like they turn the camera’s off for a reason mama... shut up.

Kenya doesn’t want them as a village she was making a point 😭 it’s only breaking girl code if y’all are friends... why wouldn’t she be messy toward some one she doesn’t like? Jesus are y’all this obtuse in real life?


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Lady Gaga’s dog were stolen I can’t imagine the pain 😩😩😩

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They would be such cute friends 😩😍😍


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Happy 50th Birthday Queen 👑❤️


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