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Quoted @IlhanMN

Good. This is an important first step in ending our material support for war globally, and the genocide in Yemen in particular. I encourage the Biden administration to continue down this path.

Next step: an end to ALL arms sales to countries that violate human rights.

If I were trying to find countries violating human rights my first step would be to see which ones we are selling arms to.

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Quoted @Reuters

Enrique Tarrio, the leader of the Proud Boys extremist group, has a past as an informer for federal and local law enforcement, repeatedly working undercover for investigators after he was arrested in 2012, @Reuters finds by @AramRoston 1/5

Just when I thought I couldn't hate this guy more!

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Quoted @StreetsblogNYC

Our friends (and @NYCPBA water carriers) at @nypost will fight this every step of the way, but @AndrewYang just electrified the mayor’s race with an NYPD residency requirement proposal:

Alternate proposal: no one in NYPD is allowed to set foot in New York again

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Quoted @ThatEricAlper

Congratulations! The job you wanted to have when you were 5 is now yours. What do you now do for a living?

Guy who fixes bread prices

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Quoted @MichelleHux

what’s a simple red flag that has never failed you? something small like a person quoting 48 laws of power.

Wearing pearls

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If a prosecutor doesn't get an indictment then you know they weren't trying to

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Quoted @RepBeatty

BREAKING NEWS: General Lloyd Austin confirmed 93-2 by Senate. Will become FIRST Black Secretary of Defense!

Surely there's an equally qualified non-white war profiteer Biden could appoint who doesn't also threaten civilian control over the military

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I'm not loving that the algorithm is showing me ads for a drug that treats the condition "having an extremely bent dick"

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On track to apply heat to each one of my muscles this year

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Quoted @chrislhayes

One thing becomes clearer and clearer by the day, which is that if it had come down to only one state, they probably would have pulled it off.

Or if Trump wasn't such a threat to institutional Republicans, or if he was competent, or (probably) if Bernie was the nominee instead of a status quo loving centrist...

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Might see if I can do a bad post this year

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Quoted @FrankFigliuzzi1

@RepJeffries @strchld269 Because Congress needs to pass a domestic terrorism law, that’s why. Terrorists don’t get released on bail.


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Quoted @NewYorker

After losing his perch as Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell finally denounced the outgoing President. Was it a moral reckoning, or yet another act of political self-interest? @JaneMayerNYer reports.

Skipping to the end to find out whether McConnell acted out of principle or expediency

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Quoted @Mike_Eckel

⚡️ Mayhem on Strastnoy Boulevard, Moscow. video courtesy @novosyolov.

I'm glad I live in New York and not some awful place where the police violently attack people for engaging in peaceful protest

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The ass? Pretty funny part of the body if you think about it

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Quoted @NYGovCuomo


New Yorkers who have already received their 1st dose do NOT have to worry that they will not be able to get their 2nd dose.

Second dose allocation is a separate process.

We always ensure there are enough 2nd doses to complete vaccination for those who got 1st shot.

Looking forward to revisiting this claim in a month

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Replying to @nycjim: CAPITOL RIOT ARREST UPDATE:
*Montana appliance store owner Hank Muntzer is arrested.
*Posted videos showing storming of the Cap…

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*Montana appliance store owner Hank Muntzer is arrested.
*Posted videos showing storming of the Capitol.
*Muntzer is known in his town for supporting QAnon and decorating his appliance store with salutes to Trump and Gen. Flynn.

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Quoted @leonardcowalski

Your rap name is “lil” + the last reason you were in the hospital

lil prolapsed anus

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Quoted @AndrewSolender

Some statues Trump wants in his garden:
- Andrew Jackson
- Hannah Arendt
- Muhammad Ali
- William F. Buckley
- Christopher Columbus
- Walt Disney
- Grover Cleveland
- Ruth Bader Ginsburg
- Whitney Houston
- William Rehnquist
- Antonin Scalia
- Alex Trebek

This is a huge snub for Grimace

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