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South Dakotan. Wife. Mom. Honored to serve as South Dakota's Governor.

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Replying to @evitaduffy_1: Rockstar ⁦@govkristinoem⁩ Wants Down Syndrome Babies Like My Little Sister To Be Protected :) ⁦@FDRLST⁩…

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Through all of this, our common mission and key objective needs to be explaining why the United States of America is the most unique nation in the history of the world. (9)

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We also know that good education starts in the home. It starts with strong families. COVID-19 underscored just how involved parents need to be in their children’s day-to-day education. It’s our duty to empower parents to set their children up for success. (11)

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With this knowledge as a foundational building block, every South Dakotan can then chart their own path in the future and pursue their own American Dream. (10)

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Coupled with the tremendous work that South Dakota teachers are doing, I believe we can make immediate and long-lasting change in the lives of young South Dakotans. Together, let’s work to support them and ensure they are getting the best materials to achieve that goal. (12/12)

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I have tasked my administration with creating instructional materials and classroom resources on America’s founding, our nation’s history, and the state’s history. We must also do a better preparing teachers on these three subjects. (8)

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Students should be taught our nation’s history and all that makes America unique. They should see first-hand the importance of civic engagement. And they should have robust discussions in the classroom so they can develop critical thinking skills. (6)

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Our young people need more experience engaging with elected officials and practicing the art of debate. It is also our responsibility to show them how government works. (7)

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We saw a similar situation play out on Capitol Hill a few days ago. We were all appalled by it. Frankly, it was horrible to watch. Today, we have an opportunity to address the root cause of this problem: we must reform young Americans’ civic education. (5)

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Sometimes, political debate includes peaceful protests. Assembly is a tool, enshrined in the Constitution, to help drive our point home. Every American has a right to peacefully protest. But that right ends where violence begins. (4)

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Violent actors have tried to intimidate, to silence voices. These folks want to short-cut public debate through fear. They want to make people scared.

This is un-American. And it certainly has no place in South Dakota. (2)

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Whether on the right or on the left, political violence is not the answer. Our political process, though contentious at times, works because we resolve issues through discussion and rigorous debate. (3)

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Across America these last several months, we have witnessed violent actors trying to do an end-run around public discourse.

This has underscored a need to improve civic education in our country. (THREAD)

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If you're a veteran who wants to live and work in a state that respects your rights and thanks you for your service, come to South Dakota! We're the #1 state in America for veterans, and we'd love to have you join us.

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A new Stanford study on worldwide #COVID19 responses "[failed to find an additional benefit of stay-at-home orders and business closures."

Put simply, lockdowns DON'T work. See for yourself:

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Rockstar ⁦@govkristinoem⁩ Wants Down Syndrome Babies Like My Little Sister To Be Protected :) ⁦@FDRLST

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South Dakota businesses do incredible things. Maguire Iron (pictured) constructs dozens of water towers a year and fixes/paints hundreds more. Howe Inc. uses cutting edge technology to revolutionize mechanical contracting, and they have an awesome apprenticeship program too.

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The Alliance Center in Sioux Falls has a heart for our veterans like you would not believe. Their motto: “A Place for Freedom. A Place to Remember. A Place for All.” Anyone can be a member and support our veterans. Great food, events, and a shooting range too!

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Replying to @NatlGovsAssoc: In her 2021 South Dakota State of the State Address, @GovKristiNoem talked about the importance of registered apprentice…

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In her 2021 South Dakota State of the State Address, @GovKristiNoem talked about the importance of registered apprenticeship training programs. Learn more about these programs at:

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Valentina came to SD to help me tell everyone about protecting babies with Down Syndrome from being aborted just because of their diagnosis. She is such a blessing!Thank you @SeanDuffyWI and @RCamposDuffy for sharing your beautiful family with South Dakota this week!

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There's no place in America like South Dakota. We'd love to have you join us. Come grow your company; live your life; achieve your dreams.

We can make it happen for you right now, because South Dakota Means Business.

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