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On a mission to be a powerful force to end the #AIDS epidemic by 2030. Join us.

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Each year, #EJAFOscars brings together supporters who help us raise vital funds so that we can continue to fund HIV care programmes all over the world.

Here’s a throwback to last year with @jvn @bobbyberk @tanfrance @antoni @Karamo & @samfendermusic 🧡

📷Michael Kovac

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Replying to @UNAIDS: #COVID19 vaccines are safe for people living with HIV!

Find out about COVID-19 vaccines and HIV here 👇🏾

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Replying to @TackleHIV: What do you really know about HIV? 🤔

Head to now to test your knowledge 📝 #TackleHIV @ViiVHC https:…

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What do you really know about HIV? 🤔

Head to now to test your knowledge 📝 #TackleHIV @ViiVHC

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#COVID19 vaccines are safe for people living with HIV!

Find out about COVID-19 vaccines and HIV here 👇🏾

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Natasha, our Finance Business Partner, works alongside the @EJAF Grants team and is in charge of due diligence processes, reviewing budgets, writing contracts, and much more to ensure that funds are being spent efficiently to help us achieve this goal!

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Every year, we work closely with partners all over the world who have a joint mission to end the #AIDS epidemic once and for all.

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At @EJAF, we are committed to fighting stigma and providing treatment with love, compassion and dignity for the most vulnerable groups affected by #HIV around the world. Here are some of the messages of #compassion that you have shared with us❤️ Put your message below👇 #PassItOn

We've had so many more lovely messages of #compassion and we'd like to #passiton👇

🧡Lift others up
🧡The heart is what makes a person, not a disease
🧡Being kind to yourself is just as important as being kind to others
🧡Love, awareness and grace can change the world

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Look out for more details in the coming weeks but in the meantime, save the date of Sunday April 25th 2021 in your diaries!


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Each year #EJAFOscars brings together supporters and stars to raise vital funds so we can keep working towards our goal ending #AIDS.

This years event may be slightly different, but we’re excited the share this magical evening with you once again✨

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A turning point in the HIV epidemic: @THTorguk's interim Head of Policy, @RichardAngell, looks ahead at a crucial year as we work to end new #HIV cases by 2030.

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“No one should suffer from stigma, fear or lack of access to treatment anymore – everyone deserves the right to a healthy life.” @eltonofficial

Help us spread love and compassion to those in need by sharing your story of compassion using #Compassion #PassItOn ❤️

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Last year, the world faced unprecedented times but we’re starting 2021 full of hope. We are in awe of the incredible generosity during our 2020 holiday appeal. We raised over 460,000 USD/337,000 GBP for our programmes to support those most affected by #HIV around the world🌎💙⠀

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Meet Sid, our Measurement & Evaluation Manager. He is passionate about data and creates tools/processes that articulate our impact.

“A person living with or at risk of #HIV is not merely a number - rather, data is just one way we can communicate how we've empowered that person.”

Everyone at the Foundation plays a vital role in helping us to achieve our goals. Find out more about the @EJAF team here👉

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“It is all about testing. When we first started out on the Commission, we didn’t realise that this would be such a critical thing. We didn’t realise that many people are not even offered an #HIV test, despite visiting a sexual health clinic..." @IngaBeale

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As chair of the #HIVCommission that we created with @THTorguk & @NAT_AIDS_Trust to end new #HIV transmissions in England by 2030, we're always so inspired by your determination, ambition and leadership.

Congratulations, @IngaBeale 👏🧡

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Juliet is one of those women and this project gave her the opportunity to express herself whilst building her confidence without fear of stigma and discrimination💙

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With the use of art, @VOCALKenya have been able to reach out to women who use drugs to raise awareness about safer drug use and hygiene during the #COVID19 pandemic.

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The criminalisation and punishment of people who use drugs has a significant impact on us ending #AIDS. By partnering with projects like @VOCALKenya, we aim to challenge the stigmatising narratives around drug use to make sure no one gets left behind🧡

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