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please stop sending me the spaghetti-o's in a frozen pie crust video. it was only made to rile you up and you are riled!

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@chrissyteigen @AdeenaSussman this is the kinda energy i want to see in cravings 3... no cute anecdotes before recipes only irrational rage

Ooo girl you’re in for a TREAT!

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lmao @AdeenaSussman what if I WAS done

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A fight over high jewelry, a term I have never even heard before, is just what I need this fine evening

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B L I N G E M P I R E !!!!!

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I feel so bad actually using the automated email replies. I always follow-up and out myself as having used it and apologize. I did the same when I had a fake ID

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u guys really know how to fuck a person up, I'll tell you that much. I got it, I got it. you have drilled it into my head and I legitimately know that was a shit take. I promise. Iiiiiiii am gonna go now!

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it is sooooo much easier, emotionally, to just never ever talk. because then I don't beat myself up after! im gonna get my assistant to set up a fake creedthoughts dot com a la Ryan for me

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sometimes I try to be nice and honest and even that is wrong and it's confusing and I don't know what to sayyyyyy. I promise I still think they very much suck. I care too much about making everyone happy for this app! how did I get here man oh man

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@chrissyteigen Ma’am .... you are absolutely mistaken with this take. Any praise, at all, for a racist & evil birther is completely misguided.

honestly, you are right.

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I love my @cravings social team so much

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A miracle if my potus follow lasts the full four years

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Feels like the appropriate time to share @AlUCanEatShrimp’s latest work. Beautiful

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Veil! Bah

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@chrissyteigen Um @chrissyteigen would you wear this? 😜

Yes, with diff hair! Hair fail, not vail fail!

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already home :( what a ride

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yes of course the jacket was trash!

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Y'all give our nation's first ever Second Gentleman some love, too.

Doug is and always has been, the shit

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@tedcruz Haha get fucked fascist. Go encourage a white supremacist insurrection again you fucking clown.

I just want potus to see this lol

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