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editor of #handbasketzine. music + pop culture enthusiast. toku fanatic. too many rt’s. my whole life is thunder. he/him/his. 🌈

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#WandaVision Episode 08 without context

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Quoted @brnwld

I am not prepared for the likely emotional rollercoaster #WandaVision is about to be this week

Turns out, I wasn’t! 😭 #WandaVision

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Quoted @Clarknova1

Stop everything you’re doing and post a gif of an anime you really like.

Stop everything you’re doing and post a gif of an anime you really like.

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Quoted @msdanifernandez

what person/piece of media did u see that made u realize u weren’t straight

If there was any heterosexuality within me before this scene, it was gone immediately afterwards

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Quoted @tendobrainrot

what's your sexuality and who do you main in mario cart it's for science

Gay. Shy Guy, Metal Mario, or Link.

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Quoted @Pixar

Disney and Pixar invite you to experience a summer like never before. 🌊 Luca arrives June 2021. #PixarLuca

Is it too early to read this as “obvious queer allegory”

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Quoted @thefader

Twitter is testing “Super Follow” feature, allowing users to charge for tweets.

I’ll use a “super follow” and entice people with something like “super follow/pay and I’ll post asshole” but it’ll be pics of Marge Greene.

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My friends and other people following me, looking at this thread, probably:

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I appreciate Power Rangers for what it is and have loved it for a long time. I’m apprehensive about what its future could hold if they truly go out on their own. But for now, Dino Fury looks great, especially compared to Ryusoulger.

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That’s why I’m less interested in Power Rangers w/o its source material: it could stand to lose what makes it stand apart from other hero franchises/stories. When you lose that philosophy, what do you have? Superpowered young people with robots.

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In the USA, heroes are about the individual & what one person can do; joining a team is a bonus. In Japan’s Super Sentai, heroes are about the team; trying to fight individually can only take you so far.

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In Power Rangers, the question always comes down to “who’s the strongest?” Whether it’s Tommy, a Red Ranger, or the designated Captain, the answer is always “whoever’s leading is strongest.”
In Super Sentai, even additional Rangers meet their team’s base level once they join.

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American comic book heroes have their own powers intact & most often wear a costume as a bonus.
In Super Sentai, their powers & costumes are granted via a transformation device. 9.5/10 times, Rangers as civilians only have unpowered martial arts to fend off villains.

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American-style superheroes are known for being able to handle their own problems w/o necessarily needing any other heroes. Superman, Wonder Woman, Captain America, & Spider-Man don’t *need* sidekicks, or a team, or the Justice League/the Avengers to defeat their latest threats.

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The Red Ranger might get power-ups; in many seasons, it’s either similar to what the rest of the team can also access or the power is shared. (Yes, there are exceptions, but work with me here.) This is where the comparisons begin to crumble with Power Rangers.

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More often than not, each Ranger’s mecha serves a clear purpose: a frog might be legs. It can only be legs in the greater formation of the larger “Megazord.” And yet, the Megazord can’t function at its full potential without that component. It takes all kinds; it takes everyone.

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Super Sentai places value in teamwork, making it inherently Japanese in its collectivism vision. Each Ranger is strong on their own; each team is strongest when working together & shown to fall apart when not cooperating.

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