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yippee Doom thanks for telling ger she can go for a walk! Give yourself a good girl sticker! #JeremyVine

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Is Vine really this thick? He thinks over 80's out raving You couldn't write this cu #ts script! #JeremyVine

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She even knows her nick name! #JeremyVine

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NOOOOOOOO lets just have a look at how many times you broke the rules Vine #JeremyVine

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Why do people go on this programme to pander after Vines self indulgent nonsense with the gimp camara? WHY! #JeremyVine

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And your breaking the law with that poncey shirt you twat #JeremyVine

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And thats why Jarvis refuses to contribute. The woman is a disgrace to the medical profession #JeremyVine

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your right Bob! Bankrupt by Tory corruption and they are still at it! #JeremyVine

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doctors and nurses coming out of retirement and volunteers. And then we get this sanctimonious [email protected] spouting off. She's on the covid gravey train. #JeremyVine

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Vines hypocrisy is staggering! Says him who contracted covid for misbehaving as he puts it! #JeremyVine

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10 years fixing the economy. She's funnier than Vine. Lets talk about stealing taxpayer's money , chumocrsy and Tory corruption! #JeremyVine lapping this shit up

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Jarvis fk all to do yet again! #JeremyVine

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where does this privileged tory twat get his Mexican coke from? #JeremyVine

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they make errrr. Finnish it gormless. They make you look like a c*nt! #JeremyVine

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ffs don't show Vine ripped jeans the twat will have his on tomorrow #JeremyVine

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get your sick buckets ready! Soft lad learning to tap dance. WHYYYYY! #JeremyVine

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All these energy suppliers are at it! They must have taken a leaf out of the Tories book #JeremyVine

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someone draw Vine a diagram? Football or spreading virus varients! #JeremyVine thicker than a brick!

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