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@crockpics Let me tell you about Hans Solo and the big beat


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@crockpics And then he went Solo...

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Make a dog's day in a tweet.

I'll start.

You're a good girl.

"I'll just leave my chicken dinner right here on the coffee table and go to get something to drink."

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Quoted @gramtamtam

@djrothkopf @MoLulkowski But 74 million people voted for him in 2020. My question is why?

Fear, Stupidity and Racism.

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Quoted @MagicalOverload

What are three “must-see” scifi movies?

The Time Machine, Time after time, Time Bandits

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Quoted @ItsFlo

Say a little more about your savings goals. We’re listening.

I'm saving some pie for later.

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Quoted @rocknrollgarag1

Your favorite George Harrison song is:

Too many to choose but one that is very special to me that people don't usually acknowledge is "The Ballad of Sir Frankie Crisp/Let it Roll". It's so peace inducing and I love how it takes you on a tour around Friar Park. :)

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Quoted @Ohons

@ProjectLincoln America went to fight war against evil in ww2.After 9/11 americans went to war with terrorists. Americans are now at war with stupidity. Trust me, it’s a lot harder than any enemy Americans’ve faced in both ww2 and 9/11.

Stupidity and hate.

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Quoted @robreiner

Mitch McConnell said that Donald Trump was responsible for the deadly insurrection to overthrow the US Government and if he was the Republican nominee for President in 2024, he’d support him. The GOP is fucked.

He's full of sh**. He's trying to play both sides. But we can't be played as easy as Trumpsters.

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Quoted @MariusHTTP404

@babu357 Haha, see the service tweet I added to my tweet. Or directly:

The 5th, oldest and first born man on the moon... and he hit two golf balls on the moon... 😂

Don't forget this! Remember it instead of remembering where you put your keys!

lol! Thanks!

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Quoted @ingoflamingo

@HowtoADHD My brain: I HAVE SEVERAL DEMANDS BUT WILL NOT TELL YOU WHAT THEY ARE. Keep trying things and I'll let you know when we're good to go.

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Quoted @MariusHTTP404

@HowtoADHD 10 s later:

My brain: Forget everything we agreed on, there is this really interessting wikipedia article about the 5th man on the moon.

Great. Now I gotta look up who the fifth man on the moon is. I'll be on Wikipedia for the night. lol

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Quoted @Telanana

@HowtoADHD Me: for the last time, we are not buying a woodturner, five different saws, gallons of epoxy, and dropping everything to make a glowy orb thingy from that random facebook woodworking video

My brain: then I guess we're watching more woodworking videos until you change your mind

Then we'll buy all of those things anyway and not use them. lol

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Quoted @RockNRollPics

51 years ago, The Beatles released "Hey Jude".

I was 4. I always wished I was 10 years older like my brother so I could have grown up with them. Now I'm older and I'm glad I didn't. lol

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Quoted @LEAIST30

@Hockeyfandan1 @RockNRollPics Right after George Harrison's birthday.😄

Both of them.

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Quoted @bobbiedoes

@RockNRollPics remind me, who took this photo and did the art work above them?

Linda if I'm not mistaken. The artwork was also a photo from that shoot.

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Quoted @Tinaburgess62

@RockNRollPics Altogether now ....
🎶 Na na na na na na na .. na na na na.. #HeyJude 🎶

I love the old guy with the flowers on. :)

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Replying to @GeorgeHarrison: Happy Birthday, George.

Video by @dannysangra

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Happy Birthday, George.

Video by @dannysangra

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