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Dancing my way through tiktok and @MaskedDancerFox on Wednesday nights 8/7c on @foxtv

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Today on #frenshe my doula @lbreggy is talking about how to have an empowering birth experience in the hospital! Link in bio!

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Watching @ElizSmart get emotional makes me emotional ❤️ #TheMaskedDancer

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Ok @CherylHines @iamfrench is totally agreeing with you on Sloth #TheMaskedDancer

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It ain’t easy dancing with a ribbon #TheMaskedDancer

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I love when guessing who moth is I just critiqued everyone else’s guesses 🙈 #TheMaskedDancer

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I love how fun this performance is tonight Cotton Candy #themaskeddancer

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#TheMaskedDancer is so fun to watch on Wednesday nights!!

I know it’s the best mid week pick me up #themaskeddancer

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I love listening to my husbands guesses watching the show 🤣 #themaskeddancer

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Starting now!!! 🎉🎉 @MaskedDancerFOX

You better be watching! #themaskeddancer

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West coast!!!! @MaskedDancerFOX is on RIGHT NOW!!! #themaskeddancer

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Ok so I try to eat healthy but honestly I crave cereal dinner. My baby just likes breakfast foods 🙈

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@KarenKilgariff @GHardstark I’m not sure if either of you tune in to any of the masked shows, but who is revealed tonight on #themaskeddancer you guys HAVE TO SEE!!!

I AGREE! I’m not going to spoil it #themaskeddancer

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Thanks for tuning in you guys. That was so much fun and your guesses are so helpful #TheMaskedDancer

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I can’t believe @withBAGpod got one right before I did 🙄 #TheMaskedDancer

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@ashleytisdale your amazing judge on @MaskedDancerFOX congratulations with the baby

Thank you!! #themaskeddancer

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Oh no! Who do u think is gonna be voted off?!! 🙈 #TheMaskedDancer

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I love @ashleytisdale’s Will Ferrell guess for #SlothMask! #TheMaskedDancer

Thank you!! #TheMaskedDancer

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ITS HERE!! Listen to #Lemons to brighten your day!!

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