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I hope #MeghanAndHarry have heavy trusted security around them especially after this interview. #MeghanandHarryonOprah

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I hope the The Crown is taking notes, let’s get another season

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#MeghanMarkle is holding back! More things obviously happened and I wanna give her a hug 🥺😢

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Does Rin finally wake up!! #Yashahime

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Quoted @PopCrave

Adam Levine tells Zane Lowe he's "sad" that there's no bands anymore:

"When the first Maroon 5 album came out there were still other bands. I feel like there aren’t any bands anymore, you know? That’s the thing that makes me kind of sad ... I feel like they’re a dying breed."


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Does Adam Levine know Google exist? What do you mean there’s no bands anymore?!

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Y’all really saying Canada is transphobic because Julie went home... #BBCAN  #bbcan9

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Bye Julie, i would have liked Josh to go home but you had too much to say, should have kept a lower profile👋🏾 #BBCAN #bbcan9

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This isn’t the finale, what’s with the questions?! #BBCAN #BBCAN9

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”I’m exhausted” girl it hasn’t even been a week 😂 #BBCAN

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Shout out @arisacox for keeping her promise and providing some much needed diversity this season! #BBCAN9

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I get the vibe that Julie is very catty, I can see why Latoya would want her out. Too soon to be calling her weak tho, she didn’t even drop first in the competition #BBCAN9

SEEEEE. I knew it! #BBCAN Julie gotta go, she can’t hush her pretty mouth.

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You can make a cool beat out of Kiefer’s language, it’s awesome, wish it was easy to learn #BBCAN9

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I like CT but he was doing the most with that. Low key don’t want him to win the finals. #TheChallenge36

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Quoted @ufoundb

10 years ago... the wildest 29 mins I’ll never forget🥴🤭😭

This is the kind of movie you watch once and try to forget

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