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I wonder if Hillary would have been better or worse than Biden if she had been in the Senate as long as him. I feel like Biden's worst moments were pre-2000 (except Iraq + bankruptcy bill) so comparing one to one to Hillary is tough

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Quoted @LucasGold06

Biden is the most socially progressive leader in... probably the history of the world

Is this sarcasm? Are we really ignoring the sexual harassment?

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Quoted @RepRashida

I’m leading the call for national security powers to not be expanded in light of the attack on our nation’s Capitol that occurred two weeks ago, as such measures often lead to the erosion of Americans’ civil liberties.

A damn good list of reps

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Ladies and gentlemen, the democrats!

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Quoted @tysonbrody

Lindsey Graham says he will support Blinken and says he has a lightning round of questions:

Is Iran the largest sponsor of Terror (yes)

Is Israel racist (no)

Will you leave Afghanistan and do you trust Taliban (conditions based)

What would you say to caravan (don’t come)


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Quoted @kgosztola

At Senate confirmation hearing, Secretary of State nominee Anthony Blinken defends support for war in Libya

“In fact, I think it’s been written about. I was [Biden’s] national security adviser, and he didn’t agree with that course of action.”


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Quoted @kgosztola

Blinken says he agrees with Sen. Rubio, still supports failed coup leader Juan Guaido and regime change in Venezuela.

“Maybe we need to look at how we more effectively target the sanctions we have so regime enablers really feel the pain”

Remember when liberals were telling us to be happy about this guy lol

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Quoted @jchaltiwanger

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene on Facebook in 2018: Parkland school shooting was a false flag planned event

This made me a different kind of angry. No lie id be okay with someone k-wording this woman

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So do you guys think now that Biden is president, centrists will pay less attention to politics and the 2022 primaries will be easier for progressive challengers?

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Replying to @PoliticsCourage: To great fanfare in May, the DA of Monterey County began to investigate whether #TaraReade had committed perjury as an…

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Really great article for specific harms that the Trump administration has done to LGBTQ people. I feel like seeing it quantified like this makes it much easier to grasp.

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To great fanfare in May, the DA of Monterey County began to investigate whether #TaraReade had committed perjury as an expert witness.

After six months in which the probe was used by rape-apologists for #CreepyJoe #Biden in order to argue we should no (1)

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Quoted @radleybalko

Blind, deaf 91-year-old woman calls 911 to report break-in. Responding cops shoot her dead. Textbook use of exonerative tense: “Deputies gave her commands to drop the gun, then she pointed the gun at the deputies, and a deputy-involved shooting occurred."

Holy shit ACAB proven right once again. How do you kill a blind deaf 91 year old lady??

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Quoted @AlexPadilla4CA

This week will be about celebrating a new administration and a hopeful new day in Washington. It will also be about getting to work on:
- Effective vaccine distribution
- Getting our economy and jobs back on track
- Medicare for All
- A Green New Deal
- Immigration reform

Alright this is way better than i expected BUT i suspect that its not authentic like Harris and is just to avoid a primary challenge in 2022.

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Quoted @CNN

The top two Senate leaders are nearing a power-sharing agreement to hash out how the divided chamber will operate, with Democrats in charge of setting the schedule but both parties likely to hold an equal number of seats on Senate committees, sources say

unbelievable how much I hate the Senate

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Quoted @BryantWay

“I’m tired of marching for something that should’ve been mine at birth”

got chills watching this...

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like i wish these people actually believed in any of this. Itd be awesome if Hillary stans were secret anti-imperialists or Bernie fans. But no, they just want any excuse to attack him

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Some crazy hillary stan replied to a tweet of mine with this image to try to own the Bernie bros but like, I don't get it?? Clinton supported just about all of these and more?? These are critiques from the left?? Like its clear these people have no ideology besides hating Bernie

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Quoted @ddayen

NEWS from @ryangrim and me: The prospect of Obama vets with ties to Big Tech running the antitrust division at the Justice Department has sent antimonopoly groups scrambling to push back.

Great read

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Replying to @JohnHolbein1: Can you guess what happens when you increase the amount of cash-on-hand poor workers have?


They become more…

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Quoted @arachno_commie

@NYCPBA Get ratioed fascists

help me ratio the NYC PBA for their shitty MLK tweet

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Can you guess what happens when you increase the amount of cash-on-hand poor workers have?


They become more productive and make fewer mistakes.

"Alleviating financial concerns allows workers to be more attentive and productive at work."

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