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Lizard person, TV writer, and animation producer. Writer/Producer at Adult Swim. Co-host of Assembly Line Yeah. Immigrant from old country 🇷🇴 (she/her)

Near food, Preferably.

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ok ill bite, what are stocks??

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personally id love to be injected with a microchip so someone can finally tell me where the fuck im going in life

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wasn’t sure if this guy was into me but now he’s negging me via text, so we officially flirting 🥰

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i may or may not have made a pillow fort for my cat this morning

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Get sexy
Get mad
Get a machete

- Emerald Fennell

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i am obsessed 💖🗡

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is my new short total shit or is it just the beginning of the animatic??
~yet another memoir~

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getting into the “maybe” pile is really all i can strive for 😎

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no this is healthy

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i love how easily @howtojohnwilson gets distracted by dogs

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unless it’s a thursday, friday, saturday, or maybe even sunday, im doing dry january 😎

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i think i have a happiness hangover from yesterday

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y’all like fireworks? say no more.

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“my whole soul is in this”
- me, absolutely ripping into a family sized bowl of queso by myself

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“get this show on the road or ill miss my bus”

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i appreciate the enthusiasm atlanta but playing fireworks or gunshots at noon isn’t fun 😇

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please tell me who is the man frantically sanitizing the podium with a tiny pack of wet wipes

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“Whole Bunch of Bidens” will be a new multi cam sitcom coming this fall

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hi! this year is shit but some good things happened. i got to co-write the two part season finale episodes of Yolo: Crystal Fantasy with @michaelrcusack!

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