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Over 1,200 adverse events reported in U.S. after receiving Moderna #COVID19 vaccine, according to CDC

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UN chief welcomes U.S. decision to seek five-year extension of New START treaty

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Russia confirmed 21,513 new COVID-19 cases, taking the country's total to 3,677,352

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#Coronavirus Watch in Mideast, Jan. 22:
--Turkey says 2nd batch of COVID-19 vaccines to arrive from China
--Israel to start vaccination for high school students
--Iran registers 1,360,825 total cases
--Iraq's total infections hit 612,092

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#UPDATE: U.S. Senate confirms retired Army General Lloyd Austin as 1st African American secretary of defense.
-- "I'm especially proud to be the first African American to hold the position," Austin tweeted

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#UPDATE: U.S. House will deliver Trump impeachment article to Senate on Monday, Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer says, triggering preparations for trial that could start as early as next week

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Coronavirus variant detected in UK may be more deadly, warns PM Boris Johnson, noting that current vaccines are still effective against the new variant

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Germany's largest carmakers -- Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz and BMW -- generate record 38 pct of global sales in China last year

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Xinhua Headlines-Xi Focus: Xi stresses strict Party governance for 14th Five-Year Plan period

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Biden unveils national anti- #COVID19 strategy, strives to restore public trust

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The Kremlin said it welcomes the U.S. proposal concerning the extension of the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty

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Mainland slams collusion between Taiwan's DPP, U.S. anti-China politicians

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Latin America's strategy for combating #COVID19 pandemic should consider the tactics of East Asian countries such as China, says Mexican expert

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#BREAKING: U.S. Senate confirms Lloyd Austin as 1st African American defense secretary

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China's top legislature concludes standing committee session

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#BREAKING: U.S. House to deliver Trump impeachment to Senate on Monday, says Senate Majority Leader Schumer

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#COVID19 deaths in Germany pass the 50,000 mark after another 859 fatalities are registered in one day

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China on Friday voiced firm opposition to a resolution passed by the European Parliament over Hong Kong, urging it to respect China's sovereignty and stop lecturing other countries on human rights

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