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The small business conversation reaches a huge audience with over 23 billion impressions. Be a good neighbor and shop small this season. 💙

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Local love. These are the most popular hashtags driving the conversation on Twitter:

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Let’s talk small. According to @SproutSocial, there were over 1.9M Tweets about small businesses from Sept 1st thru Nov 29th.

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Read more about how we spent 2020 together on Twitter in our blog post, and stay tuned for extra highlights from around the 🌍

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In a year of so much change, it's nice to see a few things remain constant.... like BTS dominating the most-Tweeted musicians list 🎶

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No stadium? No problem. With no fans in seats, Twitter became the neighborhood sports bar where fans shared their feelings of excitement, disappointment, and in some cases, 😲 reactions.

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Quoted @andymilonakis

Congratulations to the Astronauts that left Earth today. Good choice

...and we felt seen by the #3 Top Liked Tweet of 2020

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Quoted @gnuman1979

Quarantine day 6.

In one of the most-Liked Tweeted of the year, we watched people get creative while under #StayHome orders...

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Tweets about cooking nearly tripled this year (but that banana bread craze only last 3 months), and the trends in food-related emojis suggest that folks needed a sweet treat & strong drink.

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On average, there were over 7,000 Tweets per minute about TV & movies worldwide this year... so it makes sense that the 🛋 emoji usage went up 40%

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It’s no surprise that #COVID19 and #StayHome are the first and third most Tweeted hashtags respectively of 2020, but we also saw a few interesting trends related to the topics...

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The world mourned together when news about the tragic passing of actor @ChadwickBoseman was shared, making this the most RTed & QTed Tweet of the year and the most ❤️ Tweet of all time

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While it was a year of uncertainty, it was also a year of gratitude. Tweets expressing being grateful or thankful increased by 20% globally.

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How do you recap a year like 2020? By reflecting on how we all got through it together on Twitter. #ThisHappened2020

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Quoted @TwitterLatAm

Hasta el momento, hemos visto más de 3 millones de Tweets lamentando la pérdida de #Maradona, la leyenda del fútbol.

Así luce el mapa de los Homenajes a Maradona en Twitter 👇

An outpouring of 3 million Tweets (in ~2hr) around the world after news of football legend Maradona's passing.

Hasta el momento, hemos visto más de 3 millones de Tweets lamentando la pérdida de #Maradona, la leyenda del fútbol.

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As @SteveKornacki tracks the votes across the country, America is #TrackingKornacki on Twitter

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#BeautyTwitter stays loyal. These favorites are driving the most engagement on Twitter:
1. @ColourPopCo
2. @fentybeauty
3. @MorpheBrushes
4. @kyliecosmetics
5. @FourthRayBeauty

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Tell, don’t show - #BeautyTwitter is where people come to talk. Less than half of the Tweets in the conversation include images.

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The hottest topics on #BeautyTwitter are makeup and skincare.

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