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Family and Football

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Noting to see her...just litTle sPrInG tRaInInG

Lol...I will never live this down

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Soooo what am I supposed to do for the next 5 months...?

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I love talk radio...@TB12sports

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Admit it. 🤫

We are just over here staying pliable and winning Super Bowls. You’re welcome to join at any time...

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Words can’t express the bond we have formed over the past 17 years @AGuerreroTB12. I’m so blessed to have you in my life! We have spent countless hours together, laughing, crying and everything in between. I couldn’t do it without you! Love you my brother @tb12sports

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Tom Brady on land after the Bucs' boat parade 🚶‍♂️

(via @TBTimes_Bulls)

Noting to see her...just litTle avoCado tequila

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These things happen when you partner with @TomBrady 😎All orders placed from the Cloos x Brady collection will be eligible for an updated case with a newly added 7th ring. Get in touch to make sure you’ll have one reserved.

Sorry not sorry 😉 @TheCloosCorp

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Was just going to kick back and enjoy retirement, but another ring will have to do!

Good to know that if I get bored, I've got a future in acting too! 😂 This was a blast! Thanks @TMobile for the invite.

#LeaderIn5G #Ad

Mood: When you retire from retirement, catch your 100th tuddie and win a Super Bowl @TMobile #ad

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Once more into the fray...LFG.

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This ad will not air on Sunday.

Why was it banned? #TheGOATin5G 🐐

How it all went down...@TMobile @RobGronkowski #ad

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The difference between @TomBrady's first video game appearance and his latest 🤯

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Drop your captions below...

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.@TomBrady had to document this unique Opening Night 😂

This year’s a little different than the others...

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Replying to @TB12sports: Through his commitment to the TB12 Method, @TomBrady has achieved unparalleled success and longevity.

Now it’s your turn!…

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Through his commitment to the TB12 Method, @TomBrady has achieved unparalleled success and longevity.

Now it’s your turn! We’ll be choosing 10 people for an exclusive TB12 experience before #SuperBowl.

Reply ⬇️ and tell us why you want to try the TB12 Method for yourself!

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“You lost that lovin' feelin’, bring back that lovin' feelin’”

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I would love to see Richard Seymour inducted into NFL HOF. Not only was he a dominant player but a team-first, selfless player who played championship fb each & every wk. He was a cornerstone of the Patriots dynasty & deserves to be recognized for his contributions to fb history

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