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Quoted @reidepstein

Former Illinois Gov Bruce Rauner wrote a $250,000 check to Florida Gov Ron DeSantis after the gated Florida Keys complex where Rauner now lives got vaccines before the rest of Florida.

Miami Herald —>

This sounds very bribey.

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Can’t wait until we can take another trip down to Philly... Our last one was just an all-around blast.

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The Sixers have been my son’s team ever since his drum line played their halftime and he met Allen Iverson. So, they’re my main rooting interest now too.

Early in the season, I dramatically underestimated how improved they are this season. They are toughhhh.

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Replying to @gregolear: I’m so tired of having to explain that @SenRonJohnson has been a traitor since he came back from Moscow. Seriously, every me…

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This Sixers-Jazz game... what a good game.

Embiid cans the desperation three with five ticks left to force OT.

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Quoted @aabramson

Biden urges House Democrats to brag about American Rescue Plan. Says Obama's "modesty" about not taking a rescue lap cost the democrats in 2009 and they can't do that this time. "its good policy and its good politics," he says

Biden is absolutely right.

Over 70% of Americans support the legislation Dems passed and Republicans unanimously opposed.

Dems should start every conversation with that fact.

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Quoted @CraigSilverman

NEW: NYT columnist David Brooks draws a second salary for leading an Aspen Institute project funded by Facebook, Jeff Bezos' dad, & others. He didn't disclose this to readers. The Times refused to say if the paper was aware of Brooks' second salary:

The New York Times recently fired a young woman staffer for saying the inauguration gave them chills.

Keep that in mind as you read this thread.

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Today has been Make an Example Day.

I usually ignore the tens of thousands of incredibly stupid things willful idiots and trolls direct at me in replies and messages.

It’s nice to occasionally give y’all a sampling. It’s like a jackass lottery.

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This person has literally tweeted nothing but defensive replies about Andrew Cupmo for days.

Here, this very real and definitely not fake account claims the woman who came forward about this moment secretly liked it.

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Quoted @VennyVedivici

@TheRealHoarse Starting to sound like people wanted him to slit his wrists and then they'd complain that he didn't take a blood thinner beforehand.

Has a #WomensRights hashtag in the bio but thinks Andrew Cuomo is being persecuted by being asked to issue an earnest statement.

The more woke hashtags in the bio, the less I believe any of them.

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Seriously, it takes work to be this stupid an adult human.

Even casual adult conversation would make someone less of a profound asshat.

How would Congress “return funding school districts have received”?

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Quoted @BishForCongress

Why don’t you keep playing with your baseball cards in your basement?

This fucking moron took a break from posting about eating plastic children’s toys to try to come for my friend, Tony.

Sit the fuck down, you fucking clown.

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Quoted @hugolowell

Republican Sen. Ron Johnson says on @newsralk1130 now that he will force the Senate clerks to read aloud the full text of the $1.9 trillion Covid bill, delaying vote on relief for millions of Americans.

I’m so tired of having to explain that @SenRonJohnson has been a traitor since he came back from Moscow. Seriously, every media outlet should include the phrase “who spent July 4, 2019 in Russia” when writing about him, so his motives are made clear.

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Quoted @BishForCongress

Some people say I’m not the right person to take on Kevin McCarthy because I don’t have millions of dollars to self fund or I’m not a huge name.

Guess what? None of those people had the courage to step up and do it!

I did! Rather than tell me what I can’t do, help me win!

Woman aiming to primary Kevin McCarthy adopts the bold strategy of somehow being even less coherent.

From her site:

“Throughout my childhood, I have moved from California to New York and back.”

As an English major, that sentence made my eyes bleed. I can only see shapes now.

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Quoted @BishForCongress

Florida and Texas are 100% the states we should be modeling California’s COVID response after.

I know that’s impossible until we recall this goofball in office, but it’s a thought.

This person is so powerfully stupid, I’m adopting them as my Favorite Dumb.

If it was parody, it would be perfect.

The fact that it is unintentional satire makes it all the more amazing.

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Quoted @BishForCongress

Biden's amnesty would import a foreign population the size of California.

Remember, Democrats cried for 4 years about foreign influence.

They literally open the borders and give illegal immigrants citizenship to gain votes.

The U.S. had a total net-migration of under 1 million people last yr.

Genius McGee here thinks “amnesty” - which does not actually “import” anyone but instead applies to people already here - would somehow lead to a 40 million-person stampede.

Let’s swap out these dumb racists.

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Quoted @BishForCongress

Why is a song called “Wet A** P***y” not considered inappropriate but Dr. Seuss is?

This individual wants to primary the colossal Republican sycophant and unparalleled dunce Kevin McCarthy...

...because she thinks he isn’t MAGA enough.

Sacramento needs to test its drinking water.

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Quoted @TheRealHoarse

It is very easy to be blue in a very blue area.

It is not easy to be blue in a very red area.

We deep blue folks in deep blue areas oughta remember that when people are lobbing “Fuck those red states” takes.

I’ve been getting notifications on this nonstop and for us blue staters, I think it is worth diving into the replies and spending at least a few minutes reading through them.

It is easy to depersonalize and see states as beings themselves instead of just places people live...

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Quoted @TheRealHoarse

Last week, I asked if my back story was something people were interested in reading about.

The answer was a fairly overwhelming ‘yes’ so now I suppose I owe it to you to make good.

To be honest, I’ve struggled with this, so this may be a bumpy ride.


Just so I can keep these altogether in one place and pin them for whomever might care.

My personal backstory:


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