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#THSAdoptableAnimal Madolf is a young guy looking for his new forever home - and when he says forever, he really means forever. With the right diet, habitat, substrate, temperature, and humidity, Madolf can live a long and healthy life of up to 30 years!

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🌬️ Cold Advise. Cold advice. Exposure to winter’s dry, cold air and chilly rain, sleet and snow can cause irritation or worse. Check out the advice from our experts 👉

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National Cupcake Day is a nation-wide fundraiser supporting participating SPCA's, humane societies and rescue groups across Canada. Animal lovers come together to raise money and spread awareness to help animals in need. Find out more

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Feline Behaviour Consultations. 🐈 We pledge our commitment to providing you and your best friend with a constructive, supportive, and inspiring environment for strengthening the human-animal bond! Check out class descriptions, prices and more

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You can support them by making one time donation 😻 Thanks to you, animals in our care can find a warm, safe place to rest and receive the unconditional love and aid from our caring staff and volunteers 🏡

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#HappyTails Presented by ROYALE® Chewy. It's truly amazing how quickly he has settled in. He has already reserved his own corner of the couch with a cozy blanket and pillow and knows exactly where his treats are kept after he comes in from a walk.

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There are a host of reasons why people choose to declaw their pets, but none of them are supported by scientific evidence, nor do they justify the undue suffering that many cats experience. Read more

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Make your video conference more fun! Use any of our professionally photographed adorable animals as your background and you'll be making a pawsitive impression instantly!

Click here to download and install

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Introducing your cat to another cat🐱 🐱 A gradual and methodical introduction of these cats can be essential to ensuring a lasting friendship, and peace in your home. Here’s what to do:

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Support us today by signing up to GoPoolit! The power is in your pocket change. 

We are excited to announce that we are now on GoPoolit. We are one of the first charities to be on the social network, and you can be too! How GoPoolit works? ➡️

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Canine Enrichment. Take note of these tips ✏️

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Looking for new ideas to celebrate birthdays at home? 🎈

ECHOage PET PARTY may be the answer! Children or adults meet each other’s pets virtually and support Toronto Humane Society 🙂 🎈 Visit and find the most creative ways to keep a virtual party going

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#HappyTails Presented by ROYALE® Becky. We want her life to be filled with happiness and comfort. She deserves it. Becky is my best friend and has filled what could have been a very lonely year due to COVID-19 with love and companionship."

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Behaviour Problems 🐈 Providing enrichment is not only good for your cat, it can make life easier for you, too! Here are some examples of behaviours and ways you can address them:

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Donating will not only help care for animals, it will also help us support our community by increasing our efforts in programs such as affordable veterinarian care and support for pets and their guardians through our food bank.

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When she isn’t supporting children like Daniel, Martha is working in her community to support local businesses and help animals in need. Her most recent effort raised over 500 dollars in less than an hour for the animals in our care

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#HappyTails Presented by ROYALE® Sandwhich. He has lost 4 lbs and has a lot of energy, even at 12 years old. He is a wonderful cat that loves pets, purring on laps, and always being in the same room with us

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Donate By Text. Help homeless pets find homes using your cell phone! Donate $5, $10 or $20 by using the following keywords, and the amount will be added to your bill.

📱 To donate $5, text THS to 20222.
📱 To donate $10, text PAWS to 20222.
📱 To donate $20, text SAVE to 20222.

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Dog and cat virtual training classes for those looking to continue their pet’s training and enrichment, while still practicing responsible social distancing 🐱 🐶

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