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Jason Thomas

Just Smile For Me!
Trying to survive Single father of 3 kids
Born in Maine, Raised In Florida!
Love My family,

East Millinocket Maine, USA

Joined on 11 June, 2020

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Quoted @dprobbob

Anti-maskers encouraged kids to burn their face coverings on the Capitol steps in Idaho ... This insanity shows how truly effed up Republican parents are. In our efforts to suppress the spread of Rona and its variants, Idaho fails miserably! ... WTF? 🤬😡


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Josh Hawley's CPAC speech burned to the ground by hometown paper in brutal editorial

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Cop Threatens To Murder Man Get these People Out Of Officers out !!!!!!!!!!!! via @YouTube

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Replying to @kylegriffin1: Mitch McConnell tells Fox he'll support the Republican nominee in 2024, even if it's Trump.

Just days ago, McConnell sai…

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Mitch McConnell tells Fox he'll support the Republican nominee in 2024, even if it's Trump.

Just days ago, McConnell said Trump is "practically and morally responsible for provoking" the Capitol insurrection.

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The Full Story of Trump and COVID-19 | NowThis via @YouTube

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I use To Think I couldn't be president cause i cheated on a 6th grade test.. My How Long we have come I gave up... I Guess It doesn't matter what you did in life, If you Make a big enough Cult Following you can be president lol

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Stock Market Could Disappear Tomorrow, And My and my 3 kids lives would Not Change.. Repost this @CNN @FoxNews @ClaytonMorris @BeauTFC @TYT @AOC @MeidasTouch

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I have no Words.. But I can Imagine there are safe Words they speak to get it Off

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Me not Caring about a rich Alcoholic Druggie, Who can Swing A golf Club .. lmfao

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Quoted @GOPLeader

The first thing Biden did as President was halt production on an American pipeline—destroying thousands of jobs & making us more reliant on foreign energy.

But he's cool with Russia moving forward with its pipeline. This is what ‘America Last’ looks like.

Boy!! Get Russia Out Yoo Mouff... Aint Noone Told You It's A Hoax!!!

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So 200 million to Lets go Drastic and say 100 million a year.. Anyone see the Logic behind that? So when they try to scare you with jobs lost. is just because they cant have Less salary, i need to keep the extra million so fire 300 people and blame it on the Dems

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take just those Numbers.. and you have a almost 5 trillion Dollar Relief Package just 2 states out of 52 for average americans.. Rest of the world is paying workers to stay home and get the Spread under control.. Meanwhile billionaires are crying that they may have to pay taxes

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Quoted @FoxNews

Republicans warn Biden's 'reckless' immigration policy threatens to unleash COVID crisis at border

Kinda Looks Like The Scary Lawless Rapist and Scary People actually are wearing masks to Protect them and their Fellow Humans.. Compare this pic to a Bar In Texas

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My Kitty "Knowledge" RIP ..

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Quoted @TeaPainUSA

Republicans view victory as defeat and defeat as victory. The same way they view Appomattox and Berlin.

Speak The Truth

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I hear they're making Coming 2 America Sequel..
I found the Rough Draft of the Movie Poster

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Quoted @SLady1961

To @SenTedCruz so Cancun Cruz was that Margarita worth it?!

LMFAO bwahahaaa

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Can we talk about Ted Cruze Abandoning his Dog, in An ice storm and Family In mexico where Bad people kidnap rape and Pillage Americans,.. I mean cAN THEY CLIMB THE WALL?

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