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Shiny stripes

That bacon striped cat! I like fursuit-latex combos 👀💦

Joined on 24 September, 2018

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Add your lewd quote pic. Why is the tiger surprised? 😇

#squeakysaturday #LatexFur

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Fursuit parts should be made unremovable, paws, lock them in place, feetpaws, same, body, lock it place, head, locked on too. You’re a fluffy-shiny animal until further notice

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It’s weekend and that means lets get shiny and me-ow!


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Feel free to add latex body. Yummy! :3~

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Slinky body with big paws! 🥰

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Oh hi! What can I do for you this weekend? ;3 #fursuitfriday

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I’m not a dommy top but I wouldn’t have a problem with having a fursuiter or latex suiter around locked in suit and having him for cuddles..or to top me. Beg all you want you’re staying in until I say so :)

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Can I have fishy for dinner?
Have you cleaned your paws?
Show me!
Good, looking all squeaky clean!


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Weekend waking ups are the best! <3

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I will do one of those trapped and locked in latex-fursuit sometime later this year. Then for for each like it will be 5, 10, 15 or maaybe 20mins.... 👀 Combine them all and that’s how long I stay in. A bit hard to anticipate the potential response, I could get in a lot trouble!

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Just put on my latex suit in the shower, drenched inside with water based lube, and it just slid on without any effort. Loved the feeling! Also now feels super comfy being inside <3

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Me: I love this game!



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I have claimed the sofa!

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No release, only tease

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Bonus: Slightly different ending! :D

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Finding the perfect weekend outfit! Oh my...

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So I heard you like paws? Well you won’t believe this but I have a pair right here! 👀 #fursuitfriday

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Butt 👀

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