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mainly Bravo snark / 87% rude comments about Real Housewives' husbands...

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Do yourself a favor and read all 1 million comments🤣🤣

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Quoted @JoseCanseco

My beautiful daughter poop love her very much

I needed this giggle

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Anyone who has had covid: ...what helped you? What did you wish you had? any advice?

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What luck for my husband to test covid positive the day after we get our 1st vaccine... not leaving the house for a year except for him to go to work... I'm feeling some raging self pity today

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Replying to @bradfordevans: Ummm y’all remember when “cutting cable” actually saved you money???

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Ummm y’all remember when “cutting cable” actually saved you money???

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I'm getting a vaccine today and it's hard to describe the hopeful, mood lifting affect it's having on me. I can't wait for everyone to get it so nobody has to have that fearful cloud over them anymore. I didn't think it would be my turn until early summer so I feel like this:

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So classic 🤣❄❄❄ #RHOSLC

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Just in case you haven't gotten the chance to admire this unique home #RHONJ

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Manatee or Shrek? #RHOSLC

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I see now that the spray tan was a 2 for 1 #RHOSLC

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They both would go apeshit in a Jonatham Adler store

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Why did I just now realize that Margaret and Dorinda are completely kindred spirits in the style and decor department? #RHONJ

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Everything about Frank is just so not my thing, but man do I have a soft spot for him. Dolores is lucky to have someone like him in her corner. #RJONJ

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I can't wait for 16 years from now when the renovations/restorations finally reach Margaret's bedroom. I want to see her vision #RHONJ

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Teresa was enthusiastically taking Jennifer's / Danielle's side on this argument because she felt sooooo strongly how unacceptable it is to talk about somebody's husband.

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Remember in Cabo when Danielle is saying Marge's kids aren't around and don't love her?

Melissa: Kids are off limits, Danielle!

TERESA: Melissa, she's trying to make a f**king point! #RHONJ

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