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I tweet random shit. Sometimes it’s political, sometimes it’s reality tv. Sometimes I’m wine drunk and I don’t even know what I’m saying. 🇲🇽 🇪🇸 🇩🇪 🇮🇪

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I adore @taylorswift13. But one thing that bothers me is she never tells her fans to chill out. A 23 year old new actress doesn’t deserve racist comments being said to her. People don’t deserve death threats. It’s way too intense.

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People real quiet about Cuomo.

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These women all need to look up the word “accountability” literally throw the whole cast away (except Abigail and Katie) #TheBachelor

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With how often my orders are messed up from @DoorDash I should stop using it. There should also be an option to have a missing item delivered to you at no extra charge. I don’t want to pay a $4 delivery fee AGAIN. It’s ridiculous.

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Again watching old episodes of #TheChallenge and it was (still is tbh) so disgustingly racist, homophobic and sexist.

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Quoted @__BigO__

Bro why are commercials so scared to put a full black family on the ad

It’s only a full Hispanic family if it’s for some shit store bought tortillas. So I feel this.

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I’m watching some older challenge episodes for the first time and one of the girls wasn’t wearing a bra but was wearing a T-shirt AND THEY BLURRED OUT HER NIPPLE AREA #TheChallenge

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Our politics are so toxic. And seeing the general public cheer when these politicians use vulgar language against each other really doesn’t make me optimistic for our future.

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I love how politicians send their families away from their states problems. Like Cruz going to Mexico and when JB sent his family to Florida while shutting down IL.

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Quoted @deszj

I know the birds that flew south for winter mad as hell right now.

It’s me, I’m the bird.

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People are quick to forgive @demi_burnett. Is it cause y’all “know” her unlike people who’s dirty laundry is being aired now? Fact of the matter is most white ppl who are over 20 were dick heads in high school/college. And did wrong shit. All y’all should own up to ur bs.

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Is there a special “Bitch R Us” that they found these women at? #Bachelor #TheBachelorABC

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Replying to @Treasurerer: Sexism often looks like people saying Mindy Kaling isn’t funny but then making every joke she wrote on The Office one of t…

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Thanks for letting me grow up with you @taylorswift13 being a month apart in age, your songs have always read like a diary for me. So excited to experience it all over again #TaylorsVersion #LoveStoryTaylorsVersion #FearlessTaylorsVersion #ItsALoveStory

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Let’s just impeach everyone and start over again. I can’t stand any of y’all. #ImpeachmentTrial #Impeachment

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Sexism often looks like people saying Mindy Kaling isn’t funny but then making every joke she wrote on The Office one of their personality islands like on Inside Out.

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Idk what I did to go through life with @taylorswift13 music. we dont deserve her. #TaylorsVersion

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Watching from the beginning of #belowdeck and I’m on season 4 where Ben and Emily are into each other. And @Kate_Chastain literally tells Emily to go for her ex over Kelley lmao. Hot. Girl. Energy.

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Bucs still had to buy this team. They didn’t develop it. And I think that says a lot.

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Quoted @BB_Updates

Da'Vonne won the Power of Veto! #BB22

Quoting to pin to my profile. #bb22

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