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Our daughters must be cherished and recognized for all they can offer to society and the world. Equal opportunity and contribution is most vital to Humanity. -Sg #NationalGirlChildDay

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The Sadhguru Center for a Conscious Planet @BIDMCAnesthesia kicks-off 1st Scientific Advisory Board Mtg. with powerful vision & distinguished experts @sadhgurujv @simoncrobson @akshayanandPhD @DrNEO @DrStevenLaureys @KanandSunny @dave_vago @ramiburstein @shahlasi @balachundhar

Wonderful to convene with this esteemed scientific board. Best wishes & blessings as you embark on initiatives to enhance consciousness, cognition & compassion. This center's research & outreach will play a key role in crafting a #ConsciousPlanet. -Sg

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Indian culture produced phenomenal human beings, because education was not about learning things but enhancing the human being. If human beings are sufficiently enhanced, they are able to learn whatever they want. #SadhguruQuotes #EducationDay

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#Netaji- his untempered passion for Justice infused his Leadership with a sense of urgency & impatience for change. We celebrate him for his determination to shape Bharath’s destiny with his own hands & his willingness to stake his life to make it happen. –Sg

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When you experience everything as a part of yourself, you are in Yoga. That is liberation, that is mukti, that is ultimate freedom. #SadhguruQuotes

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Any political party which starts the process of taking temples out of government control within 6 months of coming to power, my Vote is for them. -Sg #TNElection #TemplesForDevotees

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Temples run because devotees come, not because government advertises for the Temple. There is no commerce involved. Right now, most Temples are kept in such a way that even a devotee would not want to go there. –Sg #TemplesForDevotees

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May your dreams not come true, may your hopes not be fulfilled, because they are based on what you know. You should explore possibilities that have never been touched or reached before. #SadhguruQuotes

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Replying to @ishafoundation: A compelling coverage of @SadhguruJV's vision and mission spanning over several decades encompassing multiple dimension…

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We live in times where we understand government should not manage Airlines, Airports, Industry, Mining, Trade but how is it that Sacred Temples can be managed by government. What qualifies them?... -Sg
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விமானசேவை, விமானநிலையம், தொழிற்சாலை, சுரங்கம், வர்த்தகம் ஆகியவற்றை அரசு நிர்வகிக்க கூடாது என்பதை நாம் உணர்ந்திருக்கும் காலமிது. புனிதமான கோவில்களை மட்டும் அரசு நிர்வகிக்கலாமா? அவர்களுக்கான தகுதி என்ன?... -Sg @CMOTamilNadu @mkstalin @rajinikanth

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A natural upsurge of energy will happen in the system if you just keep your feet together and sit down in a squat. This will keep the entire system healthy, particularly the neurological system.

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Once you are flexible, you are willing to listen; not just to someone's talk – you are willing to listen to life. #SadhguruQuotes

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அமெரிக்காவே பெருமைப்படக்கூடிய தருணமிது, குறிப்பாக #மகளிர். தடைகளை தகர்த்திருக்கிறீர்கள். கமலா, பலமான #தமிழ் வேர்களை கொண்ட, இரண்டாம் தலைமுறை அமெரிக்கர். இங்கு இந்தியாவில் அனைவரும் தங்களால் பெருமைப்படுகிறோம் மேடம். வாழ்த்துகளும் ஆசிகளும். -Sg
@KamalaHarris #Inauguration2021

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A moment of great pride to America and especially for the Women. True breaking of glass ceiling. Kamala, a second generation American with strong Tamil roots. Everyone here in India are very proud of you Ma'am. Wishes and blessings. - Sg
@KamalaHarris #Inauguration2021

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A compelling coverage of @SadhguruJV's vision and mission spanning over several decades encompassing multiple dimensions of human growth and development. #Sadhguru @BritishHeraldUK

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