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Oli hates scheduled tweets ( @SLUTFORDREAM ) Twitter Profile


Oli hates scheduled tweets

🧭@honkcarlee | I’m Saturn | @ranboobdaybot | ifb besides luna | they/she | 13+ | lesbian | @SLUTFORGEORGE

Joined on 2 November, 2020

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i hope that fucking omegle thing was right. i hate stan twitter 😐

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every day i open this fucking app and see stupid fucking “gogy 🥺 uwu owo” every fucking time. i open this app and there is pain. i wake up and scroll through this hell hole of a tl. it will be gone. shove those FUCKING UWU AND OWO UP YOUR ASS I HATE TWITTEE FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUC

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Scheduled tweet from December 31st 2020. Has Dream streamed speedruns? Right now Dream just hit 15million. Has the dream team had a dream smp chill stream? Anything big happened? Patches cam? Podcast? Have I been canceled yet? Happy birthday sapnap! 20! I have 291 moots rn :)


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happy birthday again sapnap :)

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someone just said something about vanilla sex and i thought there was flavours and now i feel like an idiot

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i literally gonna go to an airport with metal in my bag to feel the touch of a woman

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at least i have good handwriting 🙂

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is today dttwt selfie day

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why the fuck do i need to know about carbohydrates if i’m going to be a stripper

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i’m too sexy for this shit what the fuck

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he’s not my friend 😟

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Replying to @RanbooBdayBot: Happy Birthday Ranboo!! (and sapnap ig 🙄 /lh /j)

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Happy Birthday Ranboo!! (and sapnap ig 🙄 /lh /j)

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goodnight everyone

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i’m Oli. i’m unfiltered. i tag stuff if it’s inappropriate or anything. dont follow if you don’t like that. i’m not stopping anytime soon. soft block me if you want to unfollow. if i haven’t followed back reply here bc i always follow back :)

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