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Author of 'Stillness is the Key,' 'Conspiracy,' 'Ego is the Enemy' & 'The Obstacle Is The Way' https://t.co/JQU9XasYsw. Creator of @DailyStoic

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Imagine putting up a monument to the traitors who stormed the capitol on 1/6 and then maintaining it with taxpayer money for a century...Happy to be involved with this event on Monday

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Quoted @bentaub91

“It was absolutely my pleasure to crush a white nationalist insurrection... and we’ll do it as many times as it takes.”

We need more General Sherman's like this hero.

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“What man actually needs is not a tensionless state but rather the striving and struggling for some goal worthy of him.” Viktor Frankl

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“This is our big mistake: to think we look forward to death. Most of death is already gone. Whatever time has passed is owned by death.” Seneca

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9. Don’t talk about the book (as much as you can help it)

Don’t talk about projects until you’re finished. Save that carrot for the end. Talking and doing fight for the same resources.

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8. Have a model in mind

Thucydides had Herodotus. Gibbon had Thucydides. Shelby Foote had Gibbon. Every playwright since Shakespeare has had Shakespeare. Everyone has a master to learn from. (For me it’s been @robertgreene)

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7. Strenuous exercise

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought of a great line or solved an intractable writing problem while running or swimming.

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10. Love the process

If you’re in it for external rewards, god help you… A Confederacy of Dunces was rejected by publishers… after the author’s suicide, it won the Pulitzer. People don’t know shit. YOU know. So love it while you’re doing it. Success can only be extra.

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4. Have something to say

“To have something to say,” Schopenhauer said, “by itself is virtually a sufficient condition for good style.”

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6. Work with great people

Success requires greater investment in the creative process. Pay for professional help. There’s that saying: if you think pros are expensive, try hiring an amateur.

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5. Make commitments

I turn in a book proposal for my next book before my latest one comes out. When I have a commitment that I know I have to meet, Resistance doesn’t have the time or space to creep in. Meet deadline or death.

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3. It’s all material

Turn all your bad experiences, your struggles, your pain, your mistakes into material. The obstacle is the way / antifragile…

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2. Know where you’re going

You don’t “find the book as you write.” You have to do the hard work of solving the problem first. You have to figure out the best route, too.

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The strategies that have helped me write 10 books in 10 years

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1. Always be researching

The bulk of the work is researching—collecting stories, anecdotes, and data to marshal your argument. The writing is stringing those pieces together.

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"What makes earth feel like Hell is our expectation that it should feel like Heaven." Chuck Palahniuk

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Check out this list of my favorite books. All of these are must-reads. @RobertGreene @SPressfield

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In this clip from the @dailystoic podcast, I talked with @Camila_Cabello about how Stoicism has helped her music career as she's grown into one of the world's biggest pop stars.

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