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Rachel Wilder

writing. photography. amateur music. used to dance a lot more. creative thinker. creepy comment/weird DM = block. ✌🏼 #wearamask


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Quoted @pattonoswalt

Hello. I am the female protagonist of a twee indie film. I’ll mull over my life while riding in the passenger seat of a car with my right hand out the window, letting it randomly be batted around by the wind. My hair will whip around my face.

Hello. I am the female protagonist of an action film who can run through alleys and abandoned warehouses in heels without falling.

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Crowd erupts as Trump hints of his 2024 presidential campaign. #Trump #CPAC

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For the last several minutes of his speech, Trump clearly claimed multiple times that he won the 2020 election—which has been disproven. #Trump #CPAC

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Trump calling for loyalty to his vision within the Republican Party. #RepublicanParty #Trump #CPAC

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Roll call of the Republicans he doesn’t like. #trump #CPAC

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Here we go. On to election fraud. #CPAC

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The crowd is chanting “We love you.” 🤢 #CPAC

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The man who constantly cuts people off is complaining about the Democrats cutting people off. #CPAC

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Dramatic entrance. I was waiting for an interpretive dance. #Trump #CPAC

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I’m bored. #CPAC

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Wait Trump said “Just turn on the news”, but isn’t he against the news? #trump #CPAC

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Back to walls and wheels. #trump #CPAC

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He just said “humanitary”. Ummmm. #CPAC2021

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I notice he didn’t walk out to a danceable song though. #trump #CPAC

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Still openly claiming to be President. 😡 #Trump #insurrection #CPAC #Biden

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Really?? Michael Jackson?? Is this a hidden message about Eric Trump? #CPAC #trump

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It’s hilarious they’re speaking against elitists while promoting Donald Trump. 😂 #CPAC2021

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