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Former Republican. The GOP is now a cult of science denying, lying cowards & MAGA terrorists blindly following a corrupt, lying, reality TV con.

I’ll give you two guesses

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Saw #BlameBiden is trending 👀

Okey Dokey.....I blame Biden for saving America from the lying corrupt incompetent racist ignorant fascist insurrectionist Trumpster fire.

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Ironic that 8 Dems - Manchin, King, Sinema, Carper, Coons, Tester, Hassan, & Shaheen voted NO on the $15 minimum wage on #EmployeeAppreciationDay

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Dear Manchin, King, Sinema, Carper, Coons, Tester, Hassan, & Shaheen,

Average monthly costs in US:

Groceries for 2 = $450
Rent = $1078
Utilities = $115
Car Insurance = $133
Gas = $250
Phone = $114
Incidentals = $132
Total = $2272

Monthly pay at $7.25 = $1,218 (before taxes)

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Quoted @nypost

Kayleigh McEnany takes swipe at Jen Psaki for needing to 'circle back' with press

Kayleigh McEnany never had to ‘circle back’ like Jen Psaki because Trump is an ignorant moron and she just lied about everything else.

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As long as the GQP #TrumpCult has lying whack job seditionists like:
Ron Johnson
Mo Brooks
Lauren Boebert
Majorie Taylor Greene
Lindsey Graham
Gym Jordan
Dummy Tuberville
Matt Gaetz
Donald Trump

there will be more and more.....
Biden Republicans

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The filibuster was lowered from 66 to 60 in 1975.

The Senate will never have another 60 seat majority.

Now, the only way to get anything done for Americans is to #BustTheFilibuster

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Breaking: #TrumpInauguration has been moved to several temporary dates in the future. The final date TBD. 👀

#QAnonCult #QAnonmeltdown

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Replying to @POTUS: This afternoon, I brought together a bipartisan group of lawmakers from the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. W…

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This afternoon, I brought together a bipartisan group of lawmakers from the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. We’re committed to working across the aisle to build modern and sustainable infrastructure that once again leads the world.

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The March 4th #TrumpInauguration of the 19th president was amazing! He had the biggest crowd ever! Even Bernie showed up!

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Scalise actually said he was “David Duke without the baggage” shouldn’t even be in Congress much less have an opinion about HR1.

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Lying Kayleigh McEnany not only promoted the BIG LIE but pushed the Trumpcare lie and Covid lies for months.

Now she gets to lie daily on Fox.
Go figure kids....lying does pay.

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Quoted @Jim_Jordan

First we were “deplorables.” Then “chumps.” Then “spineless cowards” who only eat at Olive Garden.

And now? We’re “neanderthals.” Not smart enough to make decisions for ourselves.

This is what the Democrats think of us.

Gym Jordan is just being sensitive.

Trumplicans like Gym are actually MAGA terrorists, #QAnonCult, #TrumpCult, and lying seditionists.

So Deplorables and Neanderthals would be a step up at this point.

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The #QAnonCult includes idiots like Mike Lindell, Marjorie Taylor Green, Lauren Boebert and, yes, Donald Trump.

The Republican Party is now the #TrumpCult who’s leader is part of the #QAnonCult 🤔

When exactly did Republicans go bat sh*t crazy?

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QAnon morons believe Trump will be inaugurated as the 19th president on #March4th

On #March5th the QAnon morons will pick a new date and new conspiracy theory.

Oh, they also believe Trump is Joe Biden in disguise 🥸

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Glenn Beck: Now that Rush Limbaugh is dead, I want to take his place by saying stupid crap about fascism.

Dr. Seuss: I do not like green eggs and ham. I do not like them, Beck is an asshole.

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MAGA terrorists were unsuccessful in their quest to “Hang Mike Pence” on Jan 6th, so Pence has elected to continue to push the BIG LIE.

That makes Pence either suicidal or a f*cking pathetic moron.

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I’ll just put it in your trunk.

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Are Republicans concerned that Biden wasn’t being politically correct enough by calling out #COVIDIOTS with “Neanderthal thinking”?

Hypocritical MAGA tears are yummy.

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The QAnon morons believe that Trump will be inaugurated as the 19 POTUS on March 4th.

Obviously you can’t fix stupid and stupid has a tendency of doing stupid things.

Might we suggest the National Guard be approved to deploy quickly this time?

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