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Sports Reporter @SpecSports360. You run and you run to catch up with the sun and pull a hamstring. IG: PatWelter Email:

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Quoted @JonAlba

I'm telling you, the realism and heart in this scene is a monumental accomplishment in screenwriting.


Some times you just need someone to tell you your truth.

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I’m also Barry Sanders in a crowd. I side stepped a child today who wasn’t watching where he was going. People were impressed at Its a Small World. I’m sure they told their friends.

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Anyone else pretend to take shotgun and under center snaps while waiting in long lines at Disney? I might pitch 9 mental innings today too.

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Not a lot of people think about their wrist game, but @utahjazz coach Quin Snyder is accessorized. #NBATwitter

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.@drphillipshoops is having one of the best seasons in school history. @denzelorlando3 is their point guard and leader. He's reminded of his motivations and his mortality with every step. Click the LINK for full video and story.

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Seems crazy since he’s talked about constantly and has been the face of the #NBA for almost two decades...but are we appreciating @KingJames enough???The guy has lived up to “chosen one” hype and turns his press conferences into think tanks #Lakers

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All caught up on @wandavision and man this show has me all messed up thinking about people I’ve lost. Grief is a powerful and mysterious monster. This show is balancing on levels I don’t think I’ve seen. Slow confusing start but it is paying off.

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Remember that late 90's teen comedy She's All That. No one realizes the nerdy girl is beautiful until she takes off her glasses. That's @NikolaVucevic. The @OrlandoMagic 2x All-Star has been the star #Magic fans wanted the whole time. My Walk Off #HesAllThat #NBA #AllStar

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Replying to @JonAlba: I’m live at 10:30 on @SpecSports360 with @PatrickWelter on @MyNews13 talking the #SheBelievesCup and #USWNT. Join me! https://…

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I’m live at 10:30 on @SpecSports360 with @PatrickWelter on @MyNews13 talking the #SheBelievesCup and #USWNT. Join me!

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Quoted @MagicMan816

Nah Perk, you can't slander a player if you can't pronounce their name!

Do better! @KendrickPerkins

This. Is. Gold. I understand why from the national perspective someone would think @NikolaVucevic isn’t impacting winning. But take him off the team they might not win a game given all the injuries.

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.@JATBMFilm is important because of the true story it tells about activist and Black Panther leader Fred Hampton. As a movie it’s treated with incredible care shot for shot, line by line and is worthy of #Oscar Best Picture consideration. It informs, entertains and is art.

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.@NikolaVucevic is able to make 37 points and counting look effortless. He is THE MOST under appreciated star in the @nba #allstar

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Jerami Grant is a career 10ppg scorer with a career season high of 13.6 before this year. He’s now averaging 23.5 with Detroit and is going to surpass that vs the #Magic tonight. I still don’t think he’s who you want to run your offense through but some players can develop late

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Quoted @patriotsnews247

Cam got a little triggered 👀

How me and my wife argue at 3am when our one year old starts crying.

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Quoted @JeffSkversky

👀 Eagles QB Jalen Hurts working on his game at Georgia Tech with his private QB Coach


Hurts working on his “off platform throw” which is a buzz term you will keep hearing this #NFLdraft season

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I’m not sure I’ve ever seen so many blocks/so many Ill advised takes. #magic and #pistons both attacking and defending the rim.

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Quoted @NASCAR

.@CBellRacing muscles the lead away from the No. 22 coming to the white flag!

Did someone say chicane? Here’s the winning pass! @CBellRacing chases down Joey Logano on the second to last lap to win the @DAYTONA road course #chicane #nascar

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If you think a @NASCAR stock car is impressive you should check out a F-16. @AFThunderbirds flew over @DAYTONA for the 12th time at the 500. Over the last year their fly overs have been a reminder to keep our heads up, better days are ahead. LINK below:

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How great has the @NASCAR_Xfinity series been so far? @A_kamara6 getting in the sponsorship game, @AustinCindric looking like the next Denny Hamlin and 18 year old @TyGibbs_ winning in his first Xfinity start. #NASCAR #Daytona

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