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Did you know that the Montana Army National Guard has accounts across all social media platforms and we're ALWAYS posting new and updated information about our bonuses, education benefits, and events? Follow us on all social media platforms to keep yourself current! #military

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Earn your Military AND Civilian CDL as an 88M - Motor Transport Operator. Are you looking at branching into the world of truck driving and need a good place to start? Let us teach you everything you need to know about driving some of the largest vehicles the military offers!

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Construction is one of the fastest growing industries in Montana. Give yourself experience that will put you ahead of the game as a 91L - Construction Equipment Repairer. For more information visit #military #goguard

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Broaden your horizons as a mechanic with the 91M MOS. Perform maintenance and repairs on some of the military's finest fighting machines. Questions? Visit for more information! #military #MTARNG

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Montana National Guard aircrew rescues hikers at 9,300 feet @montanaguard

Service to community: it's what the National Guard is all about. #military #Montana

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The Montana Army National Guard is full of unique opportunities that give Soldiers experience in a variety of fields. A position as a 91J is perfect for anyone looking to expand their horizons and have access to our $20,000 bonus! For more info visit

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Citizen Soldier: it's what being in the National Guard is all about. Put yourself ahead of the curve in your civilian career with leadership training through ROTC. Give your resume a jump start with impressive leadership skills! Visit for more info!

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Double-dip your educational benefits with the Guaranteed Reserve Duty Force Scholarship. This 2-year scholarship is exactly what it sounds like: commission into a reserve force upon graduation. For more information visit: #military #ROTC

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With the Simultaneous Membership Program through ROTC you can double up on education benefits: drilling & getting experience in the National Guard while receiving ROTC Scholarships. For more information on this unique opportunity visit: #military #ROTC

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Looking for a way to add additional education benefits to your pockets? With the 4-year Dedicated National Guard Scholarship through ROTC, you can do just that! Upon graduation, commission into the ARNG. For more information visit: #military #ARNG

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Do you have a sense of #adventure? The Montana Army National Guard is looking for individuals who are interested in learning a new skill to fill our Blackhawk Helicopter Repairer positions. Think you have what it takes? Visit for more info! #military

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Recipients of #ROTC's Minuteman Scholarship will receive either 100% Tuition Assistance plus fees or $10,000 per year and $1,200 towards books annually. Upon graduation, they will commission into the National Guard. To find out more visit:

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The #ROTC program is just another tool that Montana Army National Guard Soldiers can use gain additional education money. If you have any interest in becoming an Officer in the #military, check out to learn more about ROTC!

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Check out the #eSports tournament that the Idaho ARNG is hosting! Tournament takes place on October 10! To register or get more info visit:

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Have you heard about our #education benefits? In addition to our 100% Tuition waiver, we also have the GI Bill. That's $392 in your pocket monthly while you're in school! For more information on these benefits, please visit: #military

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How many #pullups have you done today? … #MilitaryMonday

PT is an incredibly important part of being in the military, but we get so many people telling us they don't think they can do the physical part. If PT is what is stopping you from reaching out to someone, relax - we'll help you get to where you need to be!

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Despite record-breaking heat, heavy smoke from wildfires and the COVID-19 pandemic, @CalGuard Soldiers met their training objectives during the Brigade Warfighter Exercise.

Look at these #Soldiers doing training! To find out how you could participate in training such as this visit: #Montana

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Broaden your horizons and gain experience that will help skyrocket your career as a Human Resource Specialist! The military needs these highly organized and driven individuals to help us run smoothly! For more information visit: #military #Montana

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Be part of something bigger in the Montana Army National Guard as a Laundry/Shower and Clothing Repair Specialist. Assist members of your unit by ensuring they have the tools necessary to stay hygienic. For more information visit: #MTARNG #military

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