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#SpringTimeSnore Ƶƶ( ̄▵—▵ ̄) ( @MikeMorse1017 ) Twitter Profile


#SpringTimeSnore Ƶƶ( ̄▵—▵ ̄)

A more laid back edition of @mmorse1017. #Batman fan, #MSTie, Level 40 #PokemonGO player, #LupinThe3rd fan, and #ToonamiFaithful. SW-3820-5689-4300 (─‿‿─)

Virginia, USA

Joined on 24 March, 2019

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Searching for Curly via Blathers Treasure Trek in #AnimalCrossingPocketCamp! 🐷🦉🗺 #AnimalCrossing

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Starting the second half of Katie’s Hedge Maze Gardening Event in #AnimalCrossingPocketCamp! 🐈🦋🌳 #AnimalCrossing

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#ShadowPupitar is counting down to #GodzillaVsKong at the end of the month! 😃 #PokemonGO #PokemonGOWinter #PokemonGOBeyond #ShadowPokemon #GOsnapshot

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Quoted @JRivers1984

@MikeMorse1017 @ImmortalZman @YouTube And me rambling about the multiverse is not supposed to be a savior or a band aid to bring in Mutants.

Exactly right! It was a enjoyable discussion indeed! Lol! 😁 #WandaVision #CJM

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What is a weeb if not lewding persevering?

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#CJM Ep 51 - Fan Theories Bohned with @ImmortalZman, @JRivers1984, and I is out now! Join us for a humorous good time with fan theories on #WandaVision! Lol! Hope you enjoy! 😃 via @YouTube

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Still one of my favorite scenes in the #JusticeLeague Animated Series! One day, I want to see a Darkseid like that on the big screen! 😃

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Female Gamers Are On The Rise. Can The Gaming Industry Catch Up?

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Pokemon Intro - Made with Animal Crossing via @YouTube

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FIRST look at the incredible Puppet Master 2 pack packaging. #tbt #puppetmaster

Can’t wait to buy these! Love the #PuppetMaster series! Hopefully, Six/Shooter, Jester, Leech Woman, and Decapitron are released one day! 😃

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There really isn't anything cuter than baby @MeCookieMonster 💙

True! 😃 #CookieMonster

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Asking again this week, drop a🍖 or 🥔 emoji below to pay respect to Sasha 😭😭😭

#AttackOnTitan on Toonami

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@kiravera8 congratulations, you created a meme

It’s so awesome indeed! 😃 #SmashBrosUltimate

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