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Parent. Wife. Professor. Writer. Speaker. Backyard Farmer. Co-host and Co-creator of #SystemCheck

NC. NOLA. Real World.

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This semester @WakeForest , I'm also working with @Mrs_Dixon9 on a graduate, independent study supporting her research. We are reading together on the topic Hip Hop Feminism and Public Health. Syllabus here.

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First teaching day @WakeForest. Here's my syllabus for #BlackLivesMatter Use, share, or ignore as you find useful.

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Hey @Mrs_Dixon9 -- look what @zoramag published this month, just in time for our class.

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DD Adams is at the table. And when you see our check-in with her for #ThePeoplesInauguration you will know why that is something that should make you happy. @wsddadams. #SystemCheck #PeoplesInauguration

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For the #PeoplesInauguration, @dorianwarren and I asked @DrJaniceJ what she wanted the new Biden administration to tackle first. Her answer made us shout AMEN! #SystemCheck #PeoplesInauguration

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.@dorianwarren and I had the BEST time during our check-in with these young, Black voters. We asked what they want to see next. They didn't hold back. #SystemCheck #PeoplesInauguration

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Today @SystemCheckPod is taking part in the #PeoplesInauguration by checking in with some of our favorite thinkers and change makers. Check out @thegennywithag! #SystemCheck #PeoplesInauguration via @YouTube

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.@TheAmandaGorman is the America in which I still have faith, for which I still have hope, and for which I remain ready to work and fight.

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Quoted @MoniqueWMorris

Amanda Gorman for president.

You taught me. #BlackGirlsAreTheAnswer

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Quoted @mclemoremr

Come through @TheAmandaGorman

All the way through. #BlackGirlsAreTheAnswer

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Amanda Gorman. I was fine until Amanda Gorman. Now I a am puddle of tears on the ground. #BlackGirlsAreTheAnswer

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"Movements and bases cannot be cliques of people who already know each other." @aliciagarza The Purpose of Power. Review by @KeeangaYamahtta for @NewYorker

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“Don’t let anybody make you think God chose America as His divine messianic force to be a sort of policeman of the whole world,” King once said.

Wrote this for MLK Day three years ago. It holds up.

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"My mind was overcome with fear and keeping me from being effective. I gave myself a time limit to either get myself together or go back the church and resign" Diane Nash: Managing Fear via

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"I had to learn that hitting back with my fists one individual was not enough. It takes organization. It takes dedication". Ella Baker: Making the Struggle Every Day

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"We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny." Martin Luther King, Jr. - Letter from Birmingham Jail

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"The crisis of leadership in the white community is remarkable." ----James Baldwin, On Being White and Other Lies.

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Thus, ⁦@MHarrisPerry⁩ & I will have a grown-up conversation about drug use. Please use the link below to RSVP. @penguinpress

P&P Live! Carl Hart | DRUG USE FOR GROWN-UPS with Melissa Harris-Perry Tickets, Thu, Jan 14, 2021 at 8:00 PM | Eventbrite

I am so ready for this event tonight. @DrCarlHart, this book is powerful, challenging, necessary. And my college daughter thinks it's hilarious anyone would ask *her* mother to be part of this discussion. See you tonight!

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so y’all know about the decomposing stingray on broad?

Replying to @jameshperry: Wait... This is in #NOLA...under the Broad overpass? I...I don’t ...ok. We have reached the end of days.…

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Wait... This is in #NOLA...under the Broad overpass? I...I don’t ...ok. We have reached the end of days.

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