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It has been 0 days since someone asked about Scott Pilgrim. #ForeverPhysical

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🎵 Girls if you are driving a ride...
You'll be caught in the night — NIGHT TRAP! 🎵

Pre-orders for Night Trap on Sega CD & Sega CD 32X are NOW OPEN on .

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Ground Zero: Texas, the FMV classic about stopping an alien invasion of a small town (and the world!), is NOW AVAILABLE in physical format for the PlayStation 4 and Sega CD on !

Pre-orders close February 21, so get yours before the Reticulans take it away!

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Our celebration of Sega CD FMV classics starts in one hour!

Pre-orders for Ground Zero: Texas and Night Trap kick off at 10am ET on .

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Is there any other gif we'd use to celebrate #NationalHugDay?

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Singing along to songs and miming the guitar with tennis rackets. Avoiding secret traps in every room. Finding out your hosts are a family of vampires.

Night Trap is the infamous FMV about your average sleepover. Pre-orders for the Limited Run on Sega CD & 32X open tomorrow!

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Us when tomorrow hits:

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With hours of restored footage and tons of physical goodies, Ground Zero Texas opens for pre-order tomorrow at 10am ET on — available in Standard & Collector's Editions for PS4 and Sega CD.

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Join us for a celebratory Hitman 3 launch day stream and to check out the beginning levels of the game!

We're live now... come join:

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Replying to @bryanleeomalley: literally going to stream the Scott Pilgrim game for a bit

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literally going to stream the Scott Pilgrim game for a bit

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Hitman 3 got us thinking... are you a "pew pew" or a "sneaky sneak" type of gamer?

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Quoted @Nibellion

Hitman 3 early review scores

VG247 5/5
EGM 5/5
GamesBeat 5/5
PC Gamer 90
GameSpot 9
Game Informer 9
Push Square 9
Destructoid 9
Eurogamer 'Recommended'
PCGamesN 8
The Gamer 4/5
Hardcore Gamer 3.5/5

OC 87 (31 critics)

💡 Mission Story Revealing...

Don't miss this opportunity to get in on the action with a physical HITMAN 3 Deluxe Edition for PS4, PS5, or Xbox Series X — available through our distribution line.

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Come watch our mega unboxing stream. We’re opening a whopping 11 collector's editions live, right now! Which are you excited to see?

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Quoted @IOInteractive

HITMAN 3 - Launch Trailer:

Only 2 days left...

And you know where you can get physical pre-orders... 😉

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It's the final hours for Panzer Dragoon and Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics pre-orders on . Epic games in physical format await you!

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Today is the LAST DAY to pre-order physical editions of The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics, available in Standard & Collector's Editions for PS4 & Switch on !

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Pre-orders for Standard & Classic Editions of Panzer Dragoon for the PS4 end TOMORROW at 11:59pm ET!

Head on over to and grab your copy while the pre-order window is still open!

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We're not done yet. Get ready for the cult classic FMV title Night Trap coming to you on Sega CD and Sega CD 32X! Pick up one, or both included in the Collector’s Edition on January 22 at

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Pick up the Ground Zero: Texas Collector's Edition for Sega CD, open for pre-order January 22 on .

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The physical Limited Run pre-orders for Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game - Complete Edition are now available on !

Standard, Classic, and K.O. Editions for Switch & PS4 will be available to pre-order now through February 28.

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