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@JStein_WaPo Why? Stimulus checks are such a layup for them I don't get it.

The explanation Hill aides give for this is that GOP is insistent on package under $1T. Once you add state and local + UI (Ds' top demands) to PPP 2.0 (GOP top demands), you don't really have enough $ leftover to include the checks and stay under $1T

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No serious discussions today about adding $1,200 stimulus checks to bipartisan stimulus plan, per aides involved in negotiations

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California Warns of Lockdowns in Most of State Within Days

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1 way to think of unemployment benefits in bipartisan Senate bill is it's like giving 3-4 stimulus checks to ~20 million jobless Americans

Of course, millions of Americans have also seen steep cuts in pay w/o losing jobs - & would not benefit from UI

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Quoted @JStein_WaPo

2 critical points today from Sen.@MarkWarner to @byHeatherLong:

-- Says bipartisan agreement *will* extend PUA benefits. (The draft we got did not say either way)

-- Retroactivity of $300 federal UI still being debated but will go min. to Dec 1

Benefits 4 millions on the line

Congressional aides are expressing confidence 13-week extensions of both PUA and PEUC extensions will be in final bipartisan compromise

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Replying to @lydiadepillis: NEW from me: The Trump administration has requested to convert dozens of political appointees into career civil service…

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Quoted @damianpaletta

Here's what’s in the $908 billion economic relief proposal that is suddenly getting so much buzz, by @JStein_Wapo

Wrote 2,000 words about an approximately ~50 word proposal -->

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Quoted @TreasonHappens

The just pass something already because people can't wait no more bill? Not catchy enough


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Quoted @JStein_WaPo

We need a good/catchy name for the Manchin-Murkowski Romney-Collins-Cassidy-Warner bipartisan relief group behind the $908 billion proposal.

"Gang of 6" maybe makes some sense? But its membership seems to vary too much for that to really work. Anybody got ideas?

The just pass something already because people can't wait no more bill? Not catchy enough

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We have heard from multiple sources that Democrats in the bipartisan group are making a push for UI to be retroactive through October and November, but that this effort may not succeed

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NEW from me: The Trump administration has requested to convert dozens of political appointees into career civil service positions this year, allowing them to stay in government after he's gone. We have the documents:

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I'd missed Rubio here, so roughly 11

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I left Grassley off my list and if you add Graham as well that's about ~10 Republican Senators

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Quoted @GarrettHaake

GRAHAM says that he supports the bipartisan $908bn COVID relief framework, and that he talked to the President about it today at the White House. He's optimistic the president will back it, once its fully fleshed out.

"I have never been more hopeful that we'll get a bill."

Big movement today among Senate Republicans w/ praise for the bipartisan $900B framework after Schumer/Pelosi backed it yesterday

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GOP Sen Kevin Cramer (ND) sounds on board w/ $900 billion plan: "I like the effort. It strikes the right balance of compromise & it's a number that's doable"

I count ~6 GOP Senators basically at a yes, w/ 2 more GOP Senators leaning that way. Schumer & Pelosi lean yes, too

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In his remarks today, President Trump was backing the much narrower McConnell stimulus plan -- not the ~$908 billion bipartisan compromise measure from Mnuchin-Collins-etc. -- per White House spokesman

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Quoted @damianpaletta

More Senate Republicans signal openness to $908 billion relief package as pandemic spike worsens @JStein_Wapo @mikedebonis @seungminkim

State and local $$ and liability shield are the 2 biggest sticking points, as they’ve basically been since July

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McConnell today on floor: "After months of arbitrary attachment to sky-high dollar amounts [that] the Speaker [Pelosi] claimed was essential -- that it would be an insult to settle for $1 less -- those claims have suddenly evaporated"

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Some context on this: Senate GOP seen as insisting on package under $1T. But when you combine GOP's top priority, PPP (!~$300B), w/ Ds' top priorities, state & local ($250B) + UI (~$200B) you dont have much room for checks ($300B) & staying under $1T + transit, health $, etc.

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Update: My sources dont know what's going to happen and neither do I

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