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#FromTheArchive, revisit the rollercoaster story of securing one of the late #KurtCobain’s last interviews.

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How do you follow up the splashiest, most dissected and discussed painting of the 21st century?

As #AmySherald tells the fashion designer @ThomBrowne, you get right to work on the next one. 🎨

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“I’m at the age where I really don’t care what people think. Either they like me or they don’t."

Get to know #MarkBryan, the 61-year-old grandfather of four who looks great in a pencil skirt and a pair of six-inch stilettos. 👠

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Depending on who’s asking, #RenoGold is either an adult content creator or a “private contractor for a broadcasting company.” 🥨

Below, get to know the 25-year-old Nevada native—yes, he was born in Reno—who is now one of the top performers on @OnlyFans.

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"For this project, they shouldn’t have even sent me a check, because I had too much fun."

From our March issue, #ArsenioHall tells his friend #MagicJohnson about filming #Coming2America.

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"Print media never actually left, it just got less interesting. So we’re making it interesting again."

Below, we chat with the founders of @thedrunkencanal 📰

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For those who’ve been asking, our March issue featuring #CardiB interviewed by #MariahCarey is out now!

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“I love #TaylorSwift. I went to the Red Tour with somebody I barely even knew. It was a bonding experience that showed me that even if the friends you originally discovered the artist with aren’t there anymore, the artist is.” - #SarahRamos

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Replying to @evanrosskatz: Mark Bryan for INTERVIEW MAG, lensed by Mark Peckmezian, styled by Dogukan Nesanir and profiled by yours truly. Full stor…

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The actor #JesseEisenberg interviewed the author @czoffrun about her debut from McSweeney’s, "Spilt Milk."

Below, the pair discuss parenthood, privilege, and empathy.

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Meet #MarkBryan, the 61-year-old, straight, happily married robotics engineer, football coach, and grandfather of four who happens to love the way he looks and feels in a skirt and heels.

Interviewed by @evanrosskatz, for our March issue— out today.

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Mark Bryan for INTERVIEW MAG, lensed by Mark Peckmezian, styled by Dogukan Nesanir and profiled by yours truly. Full story:

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Launched last summer by Lower East Side locals Claire Banse and Gutes Guterman, @thedrunkencanal is a patchwork of classifieds, baking recipes, columns, love letters, and more, ranging in tone from the politically matter-of-fact to feigned gossip.

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As @ArsenioHall prepares his return to the big screen in #Coming2America, he reunited with his old friend @MagicJohnson for a heartfelt conversation about parenting, progress, and nights out with #Prince.

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Happy Birthday, #JonBonJovi!

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"I got #Future, I got #Cudi, I got #Ye. I’m fucking with the originals, the motherfucking godfathers of this shit. Who else you need on the album after that?" - @playboicarti

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Celebrate #AnyaTaylorJoy's #GoldenGlobes win by revisiting her conversation with her friend #GeorgeMacKay.

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Happy Birthday, #JustinBieber!

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To get a closer look at how #GoldenGlobes winner #AndraDay became #BillieHoliday, the costume designer @pmnieddu sat down with us to discuss ’40s fashion, achieving Holiday’s signature style, and the most challenging aspect of designing an era.

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.@iamcardib is our March cover star!

As she puts the finishing touches on her highly anticipated sophomore album, the self-described “strip-club @MariahCarey" still needed a little pep talk. Which is why we put her in touch with the real one.

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