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#GoldenGlobes fashun — but make it safe 😷

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Hoomans aren’t the only ones with dental issues 🙀


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Black history is written every day. 🖤

For more posts like this one from Nikhol Henderson that show the power of the Black community during #BlackHistoryMonth and all year long, check out our story.

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Replying to @Gadgets360: Learn how to keep your Instagram account safe

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“Diet culture wants to change you. But there’s nothing wrong with you to begin with. You’re a masterpiece.” ❤️
—Actor, fitness instructor and self-proclaimed “lover of life” James Rose

They’re sharing their story as part of #NEDAwareness Week.

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Learn how to keep your Instagram account safe

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Get ready to smile and dance along with South Korea-based choreographer Yoojung Lee 😊💥🔥

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Quoted @KattyKay_

Thrilled to have launched our amazing @instagram Reels campaign on @morning_joe today. We asked girls to share what makes them feel brave & confident every day. Check out the Reel from @byannazhang, one of the girls in our new book #LivingtheConfidenceCode

✨ 💖🙌🤩

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Double the wow 🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️

Watch acrobatic twins Teagan and Sam cartwheel across Perth, Australia 💫😍🙌

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Quoted @NatGeo

Humans could make it to Mars one day, but for now, our AR experience may be as close as you can get. See the red planet through @NASAPersevere's eyes:

Out of this world 🤩

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OK, but HOW? 🤯


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It's National Eating Disorders Awareness Week and we’re sharing new ways we’re supporting people affected by negative body image or eating disorders.

Now when you search for eating disorder-related content, the first thing you'll see is expert resources ❤️

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This includes eating disorder hotlines in certain countries plus tips on building body confidence.

Check out more updates, including how we're working with experts on our policies and sharing content about how all bodies deserve to be celebrated:

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Flipping out 🙃


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Arctic surfing — it’s a thing 🏄‍♀️❄️

#HelloFrom the Lofoten Islands, Norway

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When you meet for the first time and hit it off 💞


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Start the weekend with a slice of happy.

And for more servings of 🙂 check out our story right now.

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“My work celebrates men of all shapes and sizes to boost their body confidence and empower.”


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*plays Black joy jingle on repeat*

Songwriter Tima Diakite is taking R&B to the next level and spreading Black joy wherever she goes 🖤🔥 🎶


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