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Found out the other night that Joseph Hudson aka Question Mark passed away, loved the performance he gave and found the character to be very unique while also very rooted in the NWA style, and I liked how he stuck out in the NWA too with his tag reign and Vignettes. #RIPJocephus

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Quoted @IGN

"This is gonna be the best summer ever"

Pixar's Luca follows two boys (err, sea monsters) as they spend an unforgettable summer on the Italian Riviera. Coming this June.

This doesn't look half bad, for now...looking forward to this one.

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Replying to @realfozzcat: Meeting friends when lockdown finally ends

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Tonight's Episode of #AEWDynamite was insane! shocking announcements, shocking moments, great feud hype, just about every match on the card was solid from start to finish Looking forward to Revolution on the 7th it's shaping up to be my new favorite Wrestling Pay Per View event!

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Quoted @ShutUpExcalibur

How great is pro-wrestling?

The Greatest!

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Is this the first time that two Heel female wrestlers have had a match on AEW?


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Elderly abuse a side, that was a sick Jacket Chris Jericho was wearing.


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This episode of Dynamite has been insane and it’s not even the go home show!


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Replying to @AEWonTNT: We're speechless 🤯🤯🤯 #AEWDynamite

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One of my all time favorites!


Congrats @PaulWight


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We're speechless 🤯🤯🤯 #AEWDynamite

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Was doing One of the daily minis from the New York Times crossword puzzle app and to my surprise Furries were an answer to one of today’s questions.



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Not sure why next weeks tournament matches will air on bleacher report’s website I’m guessing it’s a promotional deal, regardless I’m loving this tournament so far, Can’t wait to see more!


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Honestly I think Aja Kong vs Yuka Sakazaki in the semifinals would be great


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Replying to @2ManyStripes: Going to kick cancer in the ass 🎗️

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and They promoted their last album on billboards which hadn't been done since the 80s/90s exposing many of this generation to the beauty and appreciation of retro media, formats and their aesthetic nature. I will always have respect for them because of that!


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Daft Punk kept the Funk alive and presented on a Mainstream scale that it hadn't seen in decades, Despite their origins as a duo, encouraged the use of real instruments and real song writing when no else would and exposed many to experimental video styles.

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HOLY CRAP! Daft Punk broke up?! 😲While I haven't followed their music in years, I still listened from time to time and they were a huge part of my Childhood, Discovery was my favorite album as a kid and the one I probably listened to the most.

#RIPDaftPunk #DaftPunkForever

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Going to kick cancer in the ass 🎗️

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Replying to @TheRealBuzz: 59 years ago, @NASA launched one of the most important flights in American history. John Glenn will forever be remembered…

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59 years ago, @NASA launched one of the most important flights in American history. John Glenn will forever be remembered as the first American to orbit the Earth. His record-breaking flight gave America a shot of self-confidence when we needed it most. 🇺🇸

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